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How To Find & Attract Dream Clients For Your Business

One of the biggest topics I discuss constantly is how to find and attract dream clients.  Any entrepreneur knows the importance of finding clients, but I want to help you find dream clients…you know, the ones who are ready to invest in a solution to their problem.

Before we dive into how to get dream clients, I need you to understand something important. Getting dream clients is completely and totally up to YOU! You don’t have to settle for just any client that can pay you. You don’t have to get on discovery calls with just any person looking for free advice.

When I first started my business, I was working with 12 different clients at one time…and barely making $1K/month. Why? Because I had taken on clients who didn’t value my work and I was severely undercharging because I thought that was the only way to land a client. All my focus was completely on these nightmare clients (Yes, I said it!) and something had to change.

In order for change to happen, I had to shift 3 main things:

Pick Your Dream Client

Knowing exactly who your dream client is will help you determine who you want to serve and who would benefit most from your services. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is that you need to accept you can’t serve everyone. The importance of shifting your mindset from who can I serve to who should I serve is huge. The goal is to marry your knowledge and experience with the knowledge and experience your dream client brings to the table to create massive results quickly. You also want to be sure to choose someone who has the greatest sense of urgency to solve their problem (not everyone does).

 Own your Superpower

 It’s so common for entrepreneurs to think they need to be good at everything, but that’s not going to help you land dream clients. What’s super powerful is knowing what you’re truly good at and what gets you excited. In order to find dream clients, you have to own your superpower. 

 I encourage you to keep the following questions in mind as you consider your dream client…

 o What is your superpower?

o Who needs your superpower the most?

o What stage are they at in life and/or business?

o What skills/knowledge are they bringing to the table?

o What are their current challenges?

o What do they want most for the future? WHY do they want it?

o What is the sense of urgency for them to solve their problem?

 Be Clear in Your Messaging

Tough love time…the biggest reason you’re attracting the wrong clients is because of YOU. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it comes down to you knowing who you want your dream client to be. If your dream client description changes day-to-day and you’re not consistent, then you can’t expect to have a roster of clients you love working with. Ask yourself this: am I being as clear as I could be about who is meant to work with me? Am I reaching those people currently? If there is any confusion in your messaging, then your audience will be confused too.

One thing that has helped me is stating a description of who I work with every time I mention a service. For example: right now I have 2 spots available in my group coaching program, The Dream Client Accelerator. This program is for women who…and then I list all the characteristics of my dream client. That has increased the clarity I have around who I can serve and it allows my dream client to self-identify with what I’m saying and reach out for more details. Super simple and super effective.

With these three things in mind, I’m completely confident that you’ll find your dream client much faster. I realize that some of this involves shifting your existing perspective and that can be hard. But change is good – and in this case, change is what’s going to get you clients who you love working with and who will stick with you over the long-term.

PS…If you need support in landing those dream clients, I would love to help! I’ve helped tons of women get super clear on who they’re meant to serve and the messaging that will send those people to them (no more hustling for clients). If you’re interested in seeing what this support can look like for you, book a free Fast Track call and let’s get you on the fast track to clients you love!

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