Episode 049: The Secret To Running Successful Facebook Ads

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Courtney Tarrant is a leading Facebook Ads expert who has managed over $2 million dollars in ad spend and has helped grow brands from six to seven figures and beyond. 

She has extensive knowledge in the world of Facebook and Instagram paid advertising and works with successful ecommerce stores and online entrepreneurs helping them scale and grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. 

Courtney is a passionate, successful entrepreneur that believes in living a life of intention and creating a life and business that she loves. She cares deeply about her clients and focuses on helping them create a life and business they love by ensuring their advertising dollars are well spent, creating leads and sales on demand. 

Courtney lives in Texas on a nearly 3,000-acre ranch with her husband, Will, and their 3 dogs, which allows her to unplug and recenter her focus by taking hikes nearly every day.


Facebook Page: @adswithcourtney

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Instagram: @courtneyrtarrant 


It’s another special episode of the Market Like a Boss podcast because I am joined by Facebook Ads guru, Courtney Tarrant. If you struggle with creating and running a successful Facebook ad, this episode is the answer!

Courtney has been working in social media marketing since 2010 and began venturing on paid social ads before it even became big. When her family moved to a ranch where marketing jobs are scarce, she decided to start her own business in order to create opportunities for herself. Courtney’s business has grown and now she’s working with entrepreneurs from all over the world! She enjoys educating people about strategies on how you can spend money effectively on ads and still be profitable.

According to Courtney, ads are important to your business because it helps you become more visible without the hassle of continuously posting content and engaging with people on social media every single time, and it gets you introduced to new people. However, ads don’t just magically work miracles in your business. You have to know if you’re ready to actually run them.

Courtney shares how you would know if you’re ready to run ads:

1. You need to have CLARITY.

Understand what your goals are and be very specific on what you want to achieve. Remember the ABC of advertising:

Audience – Who are you going after?

Budget – How much can you spend?

Calendar – Do you have the availability to take on clients?

2. You need to have a certain level of conversion that’s happening on your website prior to starting ads.

If you’re looking for lead generation, there should already be at least 20% conversion rate on your landing page before you start running an ad because you’ll have to spend more if you’re getting less than that.

If it’s your first time running ads, what’s the first step that you should take? Courtney advises that you should get some training first before diving into the world of social ads. You can also ask for help from ads experts if you don’t want to do this on your own. Both can certainly give you amazing results.

Courtney also discusses the top 3 mistakes people make when it comes to ads:

1. Investing without strategy

Ask yourself, “How much can I spend to acquire a lead or a sale?” Be very clear on what your strategy is before spending. There should always be a goal associated with the money that you spend on ads. 

2. Not having clarity on who your audience is

Knowing who your target audience is will draw more success in running an ad. If you don’t get the right people to your ad, you’ll be wasting a lot of money.

3. Not retargeting

Retargeting is when you use your ads to target an existing audience. This is a great chance to offer an opportunity to your warm audience to take the next step into working with you. Retargeting a warm audience can also result in a higher conversion rate.

“Don’t give up on ads. Ads can be so beneficial for your business as long as you’re doing them the right way. Your message and your business is worth being heard. Get your message out to the masses so that you can continue to move forward and change the world.” – Courtney Tarrant

If you’re planning to run or currently running an ad, check out Courtney’s self-audit tool to see how your ads are performing so you can learn what’s working and where you need to improve.


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