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Episode 83: The Real Reason You’re Attracting Clients Who Can’t Afford You

Picture this scenario:

You get an email notifying you that someone has booked a discovery call with you. You look at the questionnaire they filled out and they seem like a perfect fit. You get on the call and everything is going perfectly – until you get to the part where you talk about your services and the investment. The prospect pauses and then says the four dreaded words: “I can’t afford it.”

All the wind gets sucked out of you. You feel extremely frustrated because you have no clue why things were going so well and now they’re not. So you spin into a cycle of anxiety questioning why people can’t afford to work with you. You start thinking that maybe you should add more to your offer or add a special bonus or discount to attract more clients. Next thing you know you’re completely reorganizing your business.

Stop right there, my friend. It’s NEVER really about the money. Want to know the real reason they can’t afford you? It’s because your service isn’t the top priority for them. They just feel uncomfortable telling you that – so they tell you they can’t afford it because it feels easier to make it about them vs. risk hurting your feelings.

I realize this may be hard to hear. But it’s so necessary if you want to attract higher level clients who are ready to invest in solving their problem. When your offer is a priority for someone, they will FIND the money (even if they don’t have it right now). Think about your own life. Have you ever not had money for something but you figured it out because you wanted the solution really badly? Exactly. It’s not the money…it’s the value the person associates with your solution to their problem.

When you make it all about the money, you will attract people who make it all about the money. Focus on conveying the value of your offer and watch the type of clients you attract shift. Also be careful not to make assumptions about what your dream client can/can’t afford. It’s not up to you to manage their wallet. Often the people you don’t expect to sign on do. Let go of your desire to control the outcome and let your audience make their own decisions.

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