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Episode 84: What You Do Isn’t Basic

“What I do is basic knowledge. Anyone can figure it out.”

Be honest: this thought has definitely crossed your mind at some point. Maybe it’s even on your mind right now and is keeping you from showing up and saying what you really want to say.

Here’s the problem with this statement: if you believe that your knowledge is too basic, then you won’t show up confidently and say the thing that your dream client ACTUALLY needs to hear. Then you don’t attract the clients you want and that’s when women contemplate lighting their businesses on fire.

Put the matches down and hear me out for a second on a few things:

1 → If your information feels basic to you, that’s a GOOD thing. It means you’re marketing the knowledge that you know intimately. If what you do didn’t feel basic to you, then I would question whether you’re actually tapping into your inner God-given talents. I see so many women try to come up with a unique offer that is padded with extra crap they really don’t want to do. We resist the things that come easily to us because we don’t think we should charge for them. Guess what – the thing that IS basic to you is the very thing you should be charging for.

2 → What feels basic to you is NOT basic to your dream clients. I’m always surprised because the things that I feel are the most basic are often the things that blow the minds of my audience. People are distracted. They have a lot going on and they can’t keep up with all the information out there. Even if your information were basic and they could figure it out on their own (which I highly doubt), they still have to figure out how to apply the info to their business. They also won’t be able to see objectively enough to apply the information to get the best results possible. That’s why they need you — to help them digest the knowledge and put it into context. 

Remember – just because someone knows something doesn’t mean they can apply it to their business in a way that gets results. Don’t undervalue the clarity you give someone in helping them apply the information to their business or life. You’re saving them so much more time than if they tried to do it on their own.

3 → A client’s success isn’t just about what they know – it’s about consistency in working toward their goal. You can give them that consistency by talking them off ledges and helping them get out of their own head and way. That’s something Google can never teach them.

One last thing: if someone truly thinks your info is too basic, they’re NOT your dream client. They’re not in the right stage to work with you. Don’t worry about marketing to them and focus on the people who need your knowledge and support right now.

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