Episode 76

Episode 76: How to Create Copy that Converts with Tiffany Lewis

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast, I was joined by copywriting guru Tiffany Lewis to discuss how to create compelling copy that will land you clients.

A little about our guest: Tiffany is the owner of Propel Virtual Solutions, a content strategist and conversion copywriter who helps female coaches build relationships and increase sales through websites, email sequences, sales pages and copywriting.

Let’s dive in!

Why is it important to create a solid copy?

“Copy is everywhere, it’s anything that you write in your business to persuade your ideal client to make a purchase, whether it’s a social media post, video copy or email sequence. It’s like the crux of your business. So it’s super important to make sure that you’re connecting with your audience in a way that gets them to purchase. People buy based off emotion and not logic. When you use storytelling, to infuse that in your copy, you’re really connecting with your audience in a very unique way.”

What are some of the top mistakes that people need to recognize in order to get on the road to creating good copy?

“The biggest mistake I see is that people are not being authentic. People can immediately tell when you read something and there’s a void of emotion.

Next mistake is being very bland and vanilla. It’s like watching a TV show that’s super predictable and super boring. A copy that does that clearly doesn’t get the point across and makes sales.

The third mistake that I see is copying people word for word. It’s okay to get inspiration from other people but copying them is not the way to go.”

Let’s talk about being vulnerable… how much is too much? And some tips or advice that might help empower more women to embrace their story versus trying to recreate someone else’s?

“I do think there’s a very fine line between how much I should share, how much is too much, or is not enough. My biggest tip is to do a brain dump which will help you identify who you are, what your beliefs are, where you kind of land on different things, and how you identify with your journey. We all have a story to tell. I guess, coming to grips with the fact that part of your work and your journey is sharing that story. And from there decide how often or how much or how little you’d like to share.”

What are your thoughts about polarizing content?

“People can smell the lie immediately. Giving all the fluff information about whatever the topic is but it voids an authentic story element, you can immediately tell that it’s not a real thing. If you have to sit with it for a while, do it. Don’t just say stuff just to say it.”

Let’s break down a couple of your top tips to help people create copy that is actually going to help land clients.

“Brain dump is my favorite thing. It helps me get everything out of my head and onto paper, so that I can focus my starting point a bit. I usually set aside one day a week to sit down and do a massive brain dump and then organize my thoughts.

Then the next thing is having some sort of consistent plan and establishing a schedule. I literally sit down on a Sunday for a couple of hours and think about the days that I’ll be producing my content.

Lastly, doing some research and seeing what it is that your audience resonates with. Set up a system where you can track the posts that performed well, and then look at your insights and go through all that information and write down what worked, what didn’t work and use that to drive your planning process for the rest of your content.”

What would you say to women who think they suck at writing copy? 

“Stop saying that you can’t. We all have a story to tell, no matter how big or small or short or long, every single person has a story inside of them. And it is just all about how you’re going to deliver that story. Get out of your own head, shift your mindset, and just do it. Take the blockers off, take the pressure off, just jump out there and make it happen. Things do improve, It’s not going to be some overwhelming response the very first time but you just have to keep doing it over and over. Just be consistent with it. Try it and keep trying.”

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