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Episode 75: Stop Taking Responsibility for Your Clients

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast, I’m discussing how to stop taking responsibility for your clients. Taking responsibility for your clients is a marketing problem. This all comes back to who you’re attracting…are you working with people who think you should be doing everything for them or do they recognize they’re in charge of their success? Guys, you’re not responsible for your client’s success. You’re the expert and you provide guidance, but they have to put in the work.

Let’s dive in…

Do you wake up at night worrying about your clients? Do you always tell them yes? Do you obsess over every detail of the work you do for your clients?

It’s so easy for us to take responsibility for our clients – especially if you come from a corporate or agency world like me. If you want to fix this problem, you need to stop attracting the wrong clients to begin with.

So why do we feel the need to take so much responsibility for our clients and their business?

I think this comes back to a few things:

– You don’t believe in your value which causes you to work with the wrong clients and think that’s all you deserve. The wrong clients ALWAYS want more from you.

-You don’t believe in your results or solutions you can provide your clients. 

-You’re a natural people pleaser and have difficulty setting boundaries.

-You’re afraid of a client bad mouthing you or leaving a negative review. 

Taking on the responsibility for your clients is the worst thing you can do for yourself AND your clients. Successful entrepreneurs don’t expect things from others. They take ownership of their business. If you care more about your client’s success than they do…this is a problem. What you’re really doing is selfish – you’re enabling your clients. Your client won’t be successful in the long run if you’re doing everything for them. And when things go wrong (which they will), who do you think the client will blame? That’s right…YOU.

Personally, I’ve done my job when my clients don’t need me anymore. It’s my job to guide them through issues in their marketing, but I refuse to spoon feed them. No one did it for me and so I don’t expect it of the women I work with. I don’t give my clients all the answers because I want to empower them to find solutions for themselves. That’s when they do their best work and see the fastest growth. Me not taking responsibility forces my clients to go on in their business. It’s good for everyone. I focus on delivering the top-notch coaching I said I would and they focus on implementing my recommendations.

Ladies, stop trying to save your clients. It’s not what’s best for them. They need to step up and do the work. When they do, they will truly begin marketing like a boss. And that’s when they get the kind of results worth bragging over (and will have you to thank for it)!

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