Episode 77

Episode 77: How To Build a Business with Less Stress with Kristin Molenaar

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast, I was joined by Kristin Molenaar who shared how to build a business with less stress. This is a topic that I know everybody needs to hear, regardless of what stage of business you’re at. 

A little about our guest… Kristin is an entrepreneur enthusiast who lives by the mantra “work less, make more” which enabled her to build a 6-figure business while working an average of just 5 hours per week. She’s on a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial stress by sharing her 3-Step Blueprint that both she and her client have put into place to achieve true freedom in Business. Kristin is the founder of the virtual agency YesBoss VA. YesBoss runs your online business for you so that you can scale it like a boss.

Let’s dive in!

What do you think is the biggest stress caused in the entrepreneurial world?

“Listening to others’ advice. When I quit my corporate job, I thought that because I was a great employee, I’d be a great entrepreneur. I thought I was becoming an entrepreneur to have all this freedom and design my life but ultimately what happened is I did what everybody else told me to do. It was horrible. So I set out on this other path where I didn’t care what everybody was telling me to do, I just needed to do the thing that’s fastest.”

What do you think about people saying… ‘I can do it, so I should do it’?

“When you look at what belongs on the to-do list of an entrepreneur, it’s a lot of thinking, a lot of being in a creative space, doing connection work which sometimes requires mindset shifts. So an entrepreneur’s to do list is actually quite short, but it’s the mental stuff that has the most impact. Because of that, many entrepreneurs find it’s much easier to take on the administrative stuff because it feels more tangible.” 

What are some of the warning signs of stress overload? 

“A lot of times it has to do with some of the technology that we need to do in our business especially with the people at the very beginning stage. People think that they have to know and do all the things and they end up spending hours doing or researching about it. And then they hit a snag and think that they suck as an entrepreneur and will never succeed. Things like that happening in your business that are sending you on this massive roller coaster ride are a huge warning sign. The mental gymnastics isn’t just costing you hours but it’s also costing you growth, because you’ve now stalled everything, you’ve stalled the important work to get this thing done. The key to reversing these trends is considering how you can keep things simple, or find somebody else to do it for you.”

What would you say to the women dealing with stress in their business right now?

“First step is to eliminate all non essentials. Look at how you are marketing and monetizing your business. Does it align with your heart? Does it align with the way that you show up your zone of genius? And then look at the monetization side. 

After you’ve looked at these two things, you need to look at the data. Too often I find that people are stressed out because they’re doing too many things. And unfortunately, too many things means not doing one thing deep enough or consistent enough to be successful. There are hundreds of ways to market your business, and all of them can be right if you choose to be consistent enough in them. But if you choose to do too many of them at once, none of them are going to be right because you’re not doing it long enough to gather data or figure out how to make it work.”

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