Episode 72: Turning Triggers Into Cash

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast, I’m discussing the real reasons you’re triggered by others’ success and how you can turn those triggers into cash. I haven’t really touched on this topic before, but felt it was necessary to discuss. I’ve talked about why you’re fearful of success, but haven’t discussed the true triggers behind those feelings.


EVERY person is triggered by someone else’s success. It’s the reality of being an entrepreneur. But instead of being frustrated or discouraged by triggers, it’s possible to spin them into a positive outcome that nets you more cash.


Let’s dive in…


Everyone talks about comparison and why you’re jealous of someone else’s success. And those reasons are valid. But I want to talk about the deeper reason why you’re triggered by another’s success:


The person who is successful has a characteristic you wish you had. For example: maybe they’re not afraid to say what they want, maybe they have a bigger audience, maybe they make a lot of money, maybe they’re in demand and have a wait list of clients, maybe they’re showing up as authentic and everyone loves them. 


Close your eyes right now and think about the person you’re jealous of. Picture them in your mind. Now I want you to identify the characteristics you think you’re missing that they have. Make a list. Once you make that list, identify the first characteristic that came to mind. Only instead of thinking about how to be more like the person you’re triggered by, I want you to think about how you’re already embodying that characteristic in your business and marketing. For example: if you’re jealous of someone for being courageous, consider how you are already courageous in your business (spoiler: you started a business, didn’t you?). Now consider how you can be more courageous in your own way. Maybe it means saying something you’ve been wanting to say for awhile. Or maybe it means sending that email highlighting a client’s success that you were afraid would come across as braggy. Or maybe it’s launching that program you were too scared to launch because you didn’t believe anyone wanted it.


The point is that you need to focus on how YOU can show up more in that way…not on how you can show up the way the other person is. Marketing is all about authenticity and I hope this mini exercise shows you how to show up in an authentic way in your marketing. Because here’s the thing: that thing you’re afraid to do or say because you’re not sure what others will think? THAT is the thing that will make you more money.


Remember, you’re capable of just as much success as the people you’re watching. Stop setting limits for yourself. What if there were no limits? How would you show up then?


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