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Episode 73: How I Reached 3,000 Members in my Facebook Group

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast, I’m sharing how I hit a huge milestone – 3,000 members in my Facebook group! In the episode I break down the exact steps I’ve taken to build this group organically…without ads or funnels. 

Keep in mind these steps are the ones I have taken, but every group is different. I encourage you to think about how you can apply these steps to your group without feeling like you need to do it exactly how I did. 

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Step 1: Engage in other FB groups

I spend 30-60 minutes a day engaging in other Facebook groups. I search for keywords that tie back to my area of expertise. When I find questions or posts that include those keywords, I respond and offer value first (can be a tip or a tool that’s worked for me). After offering value, I tell the person that I talk more about this topic inside my Facebook group. I reference a particular live video or resource in the group (specific sells) and ask if they’d like the link to join. They almost always say yes – and then I share the link right there in the thread. Because I asked for permission first, this doesn’t break promo rules (though you still have to do your due diligence to ensure you understand every group’s guidelines). The best part is that every time I share the link right there in the comments, others who are lurking behind-the-scenes will join my group too. Which means I can get 5-10 people to join my group just from one post.


Step 2: Create captivating content

My content is something I’m truly proud of. It always hits home with the right people because I’ve taken the time to listen to my audience. I understand their challenges and what they want most. I put out content that’s informational and educational, and I also give the tough love that motivates people to take action. I love going live in my group and I often re-purpose the lives into other posts that help boost engagement. I don’t stress about the type of content I share and I go with whatever I’m feeling like saying that day. I also share a TON of behind-the-scenes content so people can follow me on my journey. This makes me more relatable and is often the catalyst for people wanting to work with me.


Step 3: Nurture relationships

I love building relationships. Relationships are the bread and butter of your marketing. People want to feel seen and heard. They want an emotional connection before buying. It’s important to recognize that when someone joins your FB group, that’s the beginning of your journey with them – not the end. Yes, it’s important to continually grow your group but you also need to make sure you’re focused on nurturing relationships with the people already in it. For example, I send new members a welcome email and ask what area of marketing they’re struggling with most. That way I can make suggestions on content they should check out.  I also like to check in with people who engage on my posts/lives and ask them what their takeaways were. This also helps me gather more valuable intel from my audience to use in my marketing.


These steps may sound simple, but they have been extremely effective. I get 95% of my clients from my Facebook group. I truly believe it’s because I show up there consistently and I’m passionate about the community I’ve built. People are attracted to that passion – especially those who want to grow a group like mine. It’s crazy to think about how this group started two years ago with just a simple challenge. I had no expectations and no strategy to keep the group growing after the challenge – yet here we are. I’m living proof that you don’t need to have a perfect strategy to grow an engaged group…you just need to start.


I hope you found this episode encouraging – especially if your group isn’t growing as quickly as you want right now. Keep showing up – both for the people who engage and those who are watching quietly behind-the-scenes. I promise you someone is always watching.


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