Episode 71: How to Make Money From FB Lives with Veronica Hoddenbagh

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast, I was joined by Veronica Hoddenbagh discussing how to make money from Facebook Lives. Veronica will share best practices for your lives and how to convert people who watch them into clients. If you have a FB group and you want more leads, then you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode! 


A little bit about our guest…Veronica is a coach for female entrepreneurs and guides them through creating the best marketing strategies for their business. 


Let’s dive in…


I have found that people who go live are either over-prepared or not prepared at all. I want to talk about this first because this essentially will set-up how your Facebook Live will run. 


What type of preparation should people do before they do a Facebook Live?


“I always talk about creating key points you want to discuss. The power of live video is to connect with your people. I have a one post-it note rule. This is where I put my key points because I don’t think it’s beneficial for people to constantly be looking down at a notebook as it takes away from the “going live” experience.You also want to make sure you provide the transformation element to your Facebook Live topic you end up selecting. The power of the hook is everything. More importantly your audience needs to know if they listen to your live what will they get out of it. Next step is talking about the problem – why should your audience care? People are often frustrated when they are producing so much content, but getting no action. This is where you lay out what problem you’re about to solve in your live. Your audience needs to know again what solution you’re providing. This helps your audience members stay with you until the very end.


Do you think people use questions enough to boost engagement?


“Engagement is what we want, right? You need to make it easy. I normally like to ask a question at the end of a teaser promoting my live and simply ask, does this sound like you, leave a 1 in the comment box. It can be that easy. This helps bring your audience back in. Questions are a great source to boost your audience’s engagement, but you definitely don’t want to overwhelm them either. Simple is always better.” 


What comes next in your process for a Facebook Live?


“Next, is getting to the meat of your Facebook Live. Don’t be afraid to give a lot of value in your lives. It doesn’t matter that you’re getting paid for it…that’s not the point of these lives. You want to deliver the exact same way you would with your clients. This provides your audience to truly see who you are and how you’re the expert. Another thing you need to remember is to always do a recap! You never know if someone who’s watching, but got distracted by their children or internet dropped…you need to recap because they can come back in and they will need to hear what they would have missed. Never stress about how many people join live because 99% of the time, I have more replays. You have to keep showing up in your lives. There’s always a fear of the camera, but it makes you more relatable. Going live is never perfect.”


What do you think Facebook Lives provide business owners?


“I think Facebook Lives are super powerful because you’re showing up on camera, providing value, and being your true authentic self. This is not only a benefit of the lives, but you want someone to say with you, “Wow, you’re the exact same on camera.” That’s a huge compliment. I personally have had a client join one of my programs without a discovery call because they said they knew who I was and the value I was going to provide them.”


I know so many people who are afraid of going live, but the moment they remove the fear…the opportunities are endless!


Ladies, I hope this podcast episode provided you with such knowledge and courage to get in front of the camera. Your audience needs to see you! 


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