Episode 70: Stop Being Afraid of Money


On this week’s episode of Market Like a Boss Podcast, we are talking about everyone’s favorite topic…MONEY. I will discuss why it’s not selfish of you to want to make more money and why you should not be afraid of money. You can’t land your dream clients if you’re afraid of money. If you’re not comfortable with making money or just being successful as this will affect your marketing because you’re self-sabotaging. I know so many women who are afraid to get to the next income level because of the fear of judgement or the fear of changing and losing it all. 


If you’ve been watching me for a while…I do talk about money a lot because people don’t talk about it. I find it important to discuss money goals, but more importantly, I like discussing the journey of how I made the money. I don’t want this topic to be taboo anymore. You have to get over the mindset that you don’t deserve money because that’s not the case. 


I guarantee there’s fear-based thoughts when it comes to money. You might be fearful of people judging you or you think more money means more pressure. I find there are two categories that business owners tend to fall under…



Fear over making more money.



If you’re afraid to make more money, you’ll always work hard and make less money. You could also be afraid that you’re going to lose money or have the doubt that they can’t manage money. I have also found that there’s the fear of being judged by others especially if they are making more money and can spend money on things some people might not be able to. There’s another component under this category is not knowing your value as a business owner. People with the fear of making money because they don’t think they are worth a certain amount or they won’t charge for their services at the price they should. Ladies, you have to understand that what you offer is special and you’re worth every penny that you ask because you became an expert and you’re providing solutions for your clients. Don’t cut yourself off short. 



Receiving money.



A lot of people were brought up that money was evil and taboo. People who are afraid of receiving money often feel like the person who gave them money has power over them. There’s also the fear of money from childhood experiences. I know several people who are afraid to make more money because they didn’t grow up in a home where money was around or even discussed. So, those experiences as a child lend many people to think they aren’t allowed to make more money. That’s not the case, ladies! 


Let’s talk about money truths… 


-Money is not evil. Money is neutral. It’s not negative and it’s not positive. The people who lose money or abuse money reflect on the person who chooses to behave in that way. Someone who loves money and that’s their only focus is not to blame on money, but again rather it’s about the person who chooses to think money is everything. 


-You can make money and still be a good person. There’s still people out there who are extremely generous to give back. It’s up to you to make the choice of what you do with the money earned. 


-Money = Impact. This refers to what money can do for you, your family, and your community. Think of the long term goal of what more money can actually do and benefit so many people. 


-You’re giving your clients way more than you’re taking. So many women think that if a client pays them, they feel like they are taking from them. This is where your value comes into play. If you don’t believe in your value then of course you’re going to think you’re taking from them.


-Your value lies with what you’re giving the client and not what they are paying you. Again, you need to be super clear on your value and recognize it. Once you do, you’ll never be afraid to ask for payment and the amount you’re truly earned. 


-You’re changing lives when you’re making more money. What’s the worth to you? You’re also giving others to change your life as well. It’s a ripple effect. If your client earns more money while working with you then that affects your business, too. 


Money doesn’t have control of you. You have control over money. You need to get rid of the idea that money is bad. Ladies, it’s not selfish to want more. If someone told you that…they lied to you. Don’t feel guilty to make money while doing something you love and you’re good at it. If we all make more money, the world will be a better place.


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