My Simple 3-Step System for Attracting Dream Clients

In this blog post, I wanted to share my 3-step system for attracting dream clients. Attracting dream clients is something I discuss a lot, but I wanted to give you a step-by-step approach for how to actually do it. Many coaches love to brag about their success without sharing how they did it…I’m not one of them. I will always be transparent with you. These three steps are the same steps I used to reach 6-figures last year and they are the same steps my clients use to grow their audience and convert clients faster…getting them to $10K months and beyond. The best part? This entire system can be completed in just one hour a day. 


Let’s dive in…


First, I want to clarify the definition of a dream client. A dream client is someone who has the greatest sense of urgency for what you provide, they want YOUR solution now, and they’re ready to put in the work. An example I love to share is this: imagine your dream client has a puzzle in front of them with one missing piece. You’re the missing piece. Your dream client has everything else in place they need…they’re just missing YOUR expertise.


Once you find these dream clients, money is never an issue because you can land clients and bring in business whenever you want. I’ve gone from feeling like I have to convince people to work with me to having people message me asking how we can work together and being ready to invest. If you keep hearing prospects say, “I don’t know if I’m ready” or “I can’t afford this”…they are not your dream clients. You should never have to twist someone’s arm to work with you.


Now that I’ve gotten your attention, let’s break down each step of my lead gen system:


Step 1: Connect


This system is ideal for people who have their own Facebook groups. When I created my Facebook group, I truly had no idea it was going to grow into a 3,000 member group. I created it because I was running a free challenge and needed a place to house the videos. But it became so much more. I land 95% of my clients from my group and I built it solely by going into other groups and making connections. 


First step: I picked 3 groups that were a high-priority to engage in. Once I’m in those groups, I search for keywords and phrases about my area of expertise. Get creative here and don’t use words/phrases you would use to describe your dream client’s problem. Use the words/phrases THEY would use. Another trick: search for examples/scenarios your ideal client has found themselves in currently.


Once I search, a list of posts will come up where someone has used that particular keyword or phrase. I will comment on their post and offer a tip as the first point of connection. Once I have made the connection, then I let them know that I have a free resource inside of my group that can help them with that problem. I ask them (and this is key) if they’d like the link. When they say yes, I drop it in the comments of that post. Asking for permission is the key here – if you just drop links and run, you’re breaking the promo rules for that particular group. When the person says yes, be sure you share the link in the actual post so that others lurking can see it and join.


Even if it’s an older post, I still make the time to comment. In fact, posts that go back 3-6 months are some of the best because the person who posted has been struggling for a long time with their problem. That means they have a greater urgency to solve it!


Frequency: 30 minutes a day

Step 2: Cultivate


Once I bring people into my Facebook group, I make it a priority to cultivate and nurture relationships. When they join my group, it’s the beginning of our journey…not the end. So how do I nurture relationships? I welcome people to the group and ask what they’re struggling with so I can recommend a training (this personalized approach works really well). I show up everyday with great content. I respond to comments and ask follow-up questions. I tag people in trainings that would be relevant to them. I ask people who have tuned in for a live video what they thought and if they have any takeaways. I want you to think of your group as your own party. Are you going to leave a guest at the door and not direct them to the food table? NO! You have to make them feel welcome! This is how I get 95% of my clients from this group. 


Another important way to cultivate relationships with group members is through your content. I have curated content that is pre-scheduled. This releases the pressure of having to come up with content on the fly and gives me more time to show up organically in real-time and engage with the group members. I don’t have a particular theme or category I post about each week, but some find it helpful to do so. Don’t overthink this part – do what’s best for you. What’s important is you say what you want to say and you do it consistently.

Frequency: 30 minutes a day showing up in your group and 1.5 hours once a week developing content for the upcoming week


Step 3: Convert


This is where lead traction comes into play. I truly believe in tracking every single lead. I know it doesn’t sound fun or sexy, but tracking your leads is the game-changer for landing consistent dream clients. I schedule out 30 minutes once a week to follow up with my VIPs. The VIPs are people who have been showing up in my group and engaging regularly (and who fit the description of my dream client). I take note of these people, add them to my tracker, and then connect with them via DM once a week. I don’t go right to the sales pitch – instead I point them to a training or a live that would be helpful. Afterwards, I follow up with them again to see what they thought of the resource. If applicable, I will tell them that I help many clients with this issue and ask if they want to hop on a call to discuss more. Many women avoid this because they don’t want to seem salesy, but that’s a mistake. Part of serving your audience means telling them how they can work with you. After all, free content alone won’t help solve their problem, right? It would be selfish of you NOT to tell them how you can help.

Frequency: 30 minutes once a week

Bottom line: when you don’t follow up you leave clients and money on the table. People like to feel seen and heard, so follow up is HUGE! 

I hope this 3-step system was helpful for you. If you’d like to see me talk about it in more detail, you can check out a recent live video I did inside my Facebook group.

Now get yourself out there – your next client is waiting!

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