Episode 105

Episode 105: Don’t Count Yourself Out

One of my clients told me that she got a new client at the very END of last month…as in the last day. It showed her something important: never count yourself out early.

This is a truth that so many entrepreneurs fail to apply. We count ourselves out every single day. We assume that there’s not enough time or that we’re not reaching enough people. Or we assume that people can’t afford to invest. We count ourselves out of the race moments before crossing the finish line.

That’s why I’m showing up with a tough love episode for you all. In the episode I’ll share how you can stop counting yourself out early and the secrets 6 and 7-figure business owners have that allow them to stay in the game longer.

1 – identify trigger

2- what am i afraid will happen if I continue?

3 – focus on the other person (assumptions are always about us)

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