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Episode 106: Stop Resisting Success

I used to be the woman who resisted success. I used to avoid getting clients because I wasn’t confident I could serve them and I didn’t want the pressure. I used to avoid making more money in my business because I didn’t want people to think of me a certain way or treat me differently.

Maybe you feel the same way. If so, this episode is going to help you learn how to stop resisting success so you reach all your goals and do so in a way that feels good for you.

How to tell you’re resisting success:

1 – You feel a sense of relief when you don’t hit your goal

2 – You start off strong & then start losing steam

3- You get in a state of overanalyzing & consuming info

4 – You have trouble making a decision and waffle back and forth

1 – Identify what scares you (what am I protecting myself from?)

2 – Redefine success in business AND life (working less, making more (or same), spending more time on certain projects (who says? – operating off of someone else’s definition of success)

3 – if this is what success looks like for me, then what would steps would I take to achieve it?

4- what do I need to let go of to have that success?

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