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5 Lessons Learned in 2019

The new year is the perfect time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, including what went well and what didn’t.

2019 was huge for me because of all the amazing things that happened in my life and business. It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but there are five specific lessons I learned that I wanted to share on my first blog post of 2020!

Here are the top five lessons I learned from 2019:

People are always watching.

You’re showing up everyday but you might be wondering…

Are people actually watching? Are people paying attention to what you have to say?

Well the answer is, YES!

It’s important you know people are always watching. I see so many women throwing in the towel because no one showed up to their live event or commented on their social media post. I suggest taking this chance to show up even more! 

Often times, the ones who are the most serious about getting help are the ones who lurky behind the scenes. Had I stopped showing up, I wouldn’t have landed at least half of the clients I have landed. You must be committed to showing up every single day for the right people.

Clarity drives impact.

I was in a pretty dark place in my business over the summer. I found myself taking on clients who weren’t a good fit and I felt pressure to take on more to justify moving to a bigger home (hello, imposter syndrome!).

I engaged in self-sabotage and I took everything personally. This funk lasted nearly 4 months and my income took a backslide during that time. What got me out of it? I looked into how I played a role in getting myself to that point. That’s when I realized, with the support of my coach, that I didn’t have the clarity I needed about who I wanted to work with.

So I looked back at my clients who have gotten the best results, and from there I honed in on the characteristics of my dream client. Now that I know exactly who that person is, I can speak directly to them in my messaging and marketing. That’s when everything shifted for me. Instead of hunting down clients, I had people reaching out to me asking for details on how to work together.

The same thing can happen for you too…if you’re crystal clear on your dream client (psst…I can help with that!)

Expect the unexpected.

I’ve had clients leave me and people ghost me after reaching out to me about my services.

I had launches that didn’t go the way that I expected.

I’ve had clients default on payments or miss them altogether.

No matter who you are or where you are at your business, the unexpected will happen. I can promise you that. But those unexpected circumstances don’t dictate your success and growth in business. It’s how you handle the unexpected circumstances that determines success.

It’s very important to separate the facts from the feelings and start treating your business as a business. Ask yourself, “How can I think like a boss today?” You’ll be surprised at the answers!

Learn how to think like a business owner.

In 2018, I told my coach that I didn’t think it was possible to make more than $50K in a year because I have two little kids at home and only work part-time. That was a limiting belief. Thankfully, my coach helped me overcome that belief, which led to me hitting six figures in 2019.

But here’s the thing…I had to think like a 6-figure business owner before I actually reached that goal. That meant making scary decisions that took me outside of my comfort zone, like reinvesting in my coach at a higher rate and hiring my first team members.

The same goes for you. Don’t wait to reach your goals to start acting like the person who has already reached them.

Ask for help.

In order to reach 6-figures in 2019, I had to ask for help from my family, coach and fellow entrepreneurs.

As a type-A perfectionist, it’s hard for me to ask for help. I feel like I’m “supposed” to do everything myself. But that’s not possible for anyone. Just because you don’t do everything yourself doesn’t mean you’re not equipped to serve your clients or you won’t be successful in your business.

You don’t have to do everything. You have to think and act differently. Know which areas you’re struggling in and get support right away. Asking for help is smart and will help you get to the next level faster.

I hope that these lessons inspire and challenge you to make 2020 the year you do things differently. The year you chase big, scary goals. The year you step out of your comfort zone and do things you haven’t done before. The year you think like a person who’s worthy of success.

Here’s to making 2020 your best year in business yet!


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