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Episode 044: How I Make Money From My Facebook Group

Have you been growing your Facebook group and wondering how you can make money from it? Have you been feeling like your group has turned into a waste of time? Then this episode is for you!

Facebook groups play a huge part in my business. Having my own Facebook group has been one of the main reasons why I’ve hit six figures, why I had my biggest month ever in November last year and why I’m working with clients who I absolutely love. A group can be a game changer for your business too!

When I started my Facebook group, I didn’t actually have any idea on who I wanted to let in or how I was going to make money from it. Along the way I developed a solid plan on how I was going to nurture my audience and how I was going to land clients from my group. Fast forward to today and my Facebook group is growing steadily each month. I land 95% of my clients from my group. I know that I can go into my group, sell something tomorrow, and people will buy!

It was hard for me to make the transition from just growing my group to becoming comfortable enough to put offers out there consistently. I show up, provide great content, build relationships inside the group…but I also tell people how they can work with me! This is what I find a lot of women don’t do.

Here are 5 tips to help you make money from your Facebook group:

1. Be clear on who your group is for.

Don’t feel bad about not letting people in. You have to know who your ideal client is and you have to set boundaries. Be crystal clear on who your group is for and what they’re getting out of Facebook group.

2. Show up consistently.

It sounds basic but so few people do this. It doesn’t feel like work to me because it’s something I’m excited and passionate about, so you really have to decide if you want to make money from your Facebook group. However, if you’re still struggling to be consistent in showing up, then you have to ask yourself what fear is coming up. You have to confront your fears because you can’t expect your audience to show up for you if you’re not consistently doing it too.

3. Don’t be out there trying to be everybody’s best friend.

You need to hear this! You feel the pressure to over deliver because you just want people to like you. You may give free value inside your Facebook group, but you also have to set clear boundaries. People need a leader. You need to show up as the expert and to have a clear set of beliefs and values.

“You are in business to be a leader to make money. You can make friends or you can make money. And you get to decide which one you want to do.” -Michelle Vroom

4. Nurture relationships.

Paying attention to people, listening and understanding where they’re coming from and what they need are important in creating a safe place inside your Facebook group. It can become a platform where people can talk about difficult stuff in business and ask questions without feeling judged. One of the highest forms of compliments I receive is when people tell me that they feel like they know me just from my Facebook lives alone. Be genuine and authentic in order to nurture relationships inside your group.

5. Share your offer.

Many people struggle to put their offers out there because they don’t want to sound salesy. There are people inside your Facebook group who are willing to work with you right now. Not sharing your offer hurts those people and keeps them from finding the solution they need.

“The only person standing in your way from making money and landing clients in your Facebook group is YOU!” -Michelle Vroom

You might be afraid to share your offers because you question whether people even want it. The right people are out there and you have to tell them how to take the next steps in order to work with you. They’re not going to do it on their own.

Your Facebook group gets to be as successful as you decide it’s going to be. Remember that it’s possible to make money from your Facebook group and the tips I shared with you will absolutely help you get there faster…if you’re ALL IN.

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