Episode 043: 5 Lessons I Learned in 2019

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The Market Like A Boss Podcast is back for 2020!

It’s time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year, including what went well and what didn’t. 2019 was a huge for me because of all the amazing things that happened in my life and business. But it’s not all rainbows and sunshines.. there were lessons I needed to learn which I will share with you now in honor of our first episode for 2020.

Here are the top 5 lessons I learned in 2019:

1. People are always watching.

You’re showing up everyday but you might be wondering – Are people actually watching? Are people paying attention to what I have to say? YES! I want you to know that people are always watching. I see so many women throw in the towel because no one showed up to their live event or commented on their social media post.

Often times, the people who are the most serious about getting help are the ones behind the scenes. Had I stopped showing up, I wouldn’t have landed half the clients I’ve landed this year.. You must be committed to showing up every single day for the right people.

2. Clarity drives impact.

I was in a pretty dark place in my business over the summer. I found myself taking on clients who weren’t a good fit and I was pressure to take on more because we moved to a bigger home that I felt I didn’t deserve (hello, imposter syndrome!). This funk in my business lasted nearly 4 months and my income took a backslide during that time. Eventually I realized, with the support of my coach, that I didn’t have the clarity that I needed about who I wanted to work with. Clarity is the key to success in marketing. So I looked back at my clients who have gotten the best results, and from there I honed in on the characteristics of my dream client. Now that I know exactly who my dream client is, I can speak directly to them in my marketing.

“Stop chasing the shiny objects and look inside of yourself. Do you have clarity? If you don’t have clarity, then you’ve got nothing else in your marketing. No other strategy is going to work.” -Michelle Vroom

3. Expect the unexpected.

I’ve had clients leave me and people ghost me. I’ve had launches where no one purchased. No matter who you are or where you are at your business, the unexpected will happen. But these unexpected moments don’t dictate your success and growth in business – it’s all about how you handle the unexpected circumstances and how you move forward from them.  It’s very important to separate the facts from the feelings and start treating your business as a business. Ask yourself, “how can I think like a boss today?” The answer will surprise you! 

4. Learn how to think like a business owner.

I learned how to think like a 6-figure business owner before I actually was one. In 2018, I told my coach that I didn’t think it was possible to make more than $50K in a year because I have two young kids at home and work part-time. Thankfully I didn’t let my own limits stop me and I ended up hitting six figures in 2019.

But here’s the thing: I had to think like a 6-figure business owner before I actually reached that goal.

“Whatever that goal is, you can’t take actions that will help you reach that goal once you get to the goal. If you want to reach your goals faster, you need to start acting like the person who has already reached your goal.” -Michelle Vroom

5. Ask for help.

I had to ask for help from my family, coach and fellow entrepreneurs this year. As a type-A perfectionist, it’s hard for me to ask for help. But guess what? Asking for help is SMART and will help you get to the next level faster. Look at the areas you’re struggling the most in and don’t wait to ask for help.

I hope that these lessons inspire and challenge you to make 2020 your best year in business ever. Happy New Year, everyone!

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