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Episode 042: Crushing Limiting Beliefs


As a business and career coach, Coryn Quester helps aspiring and existing entrepreneurs bring the business of their dreams to life. Her mission is to help people understand that closing the gap between going from employee to entrepreneur is simpler than you think!


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This is another special episode of the Market Like a Boss podcast because we have Coryn Quester on the show to talk about limiting beliefs and what’s possible for women in business.

During the episode, Coryn shared the most common limiting beliefs that may be stopping you from pursuing your dreams:

1. Comparison

There is a voice inside your head that says you can’t achieve what super successful people like Steve Jobs have achieved. You may think that your dreams are unattainable, but you really just need to have the courage and drive to keep going.

Same thing on the other side of the coin – when you see someone struggle or fail, you might think that it will also happen to you. It’s much more comfortable to stay where you are than to risk failure.

2. Perfectionism

Many of us are trained to believe that having a Type A personality is necessary for success, and we carry this on into our careers and lives. You beat yourself up trying to be perfect and it keeps you from even wanting to try. Remember – we’re human and it’s perfectly ok not to be perfect!

3. Self-doubt

Imposter syndrome makes us believe that we are not worthy enough to follow our dreams. Moreover, as you get more successful, you might start to think that you are not deserving of what you’re achieving. It happens at all levels, and it’s important to note that everybody struggles with it in some form.

4. Need for approval or acceptance

Being afraid of what people might think limits you from taking steps towards your goals. The truth is, people will ALWAYS have an opinion…regardless of whether you take action or not. Are you really willing to let their opinions hold you back from pursuing your dreams?

5. Assuming the worst aka “The Pessimist”

You’ve already decided that the outcome will be negative. You become scared of what’s going to happen. You’re living your life as if it had already happened.

Coryn explains the psychology behind how these beliefs manifest in our lives. It all comes from the same place – as humans we are conditioned to recognize threat and the automatic fight or flight response turns on. Fear keeps us safe.

“If we feel like something is going to threaten our safety, our limiting beliefs pop up, hence why we run the other way or we hold ourselves back.” – Coryn Quester

Why are these limiting beliefs harmful? They hold us back from happiness, peace and what we intuitively know as right. They also cause stress, anxiety and depression. We let fear run the show, which leads to poor decision-making.

Coryn believes that failure doesn’t exist unless you say it does – if something isn’t going right, do whatever you need to do to see if something else works better. You can always try something new!

“If you decide that you fail, that’s your decision. You can fall, but if you don’t get up, that’s on you.” – Coryn Quester

Now that we’ve uncovered the most common limiting beliefs, how do you address them?

Coryn shared the following steps on how to overcome limiting beliefs:

1. Recognize your limiting beliefs

Start by identifying and understanding your top three limiting beliefs. Become aware and recognize when they’re coming up in every situation. Overcome the belief by choosing to take action anyway… even if you’re scared or worried because you know that you’ll still be safe.

2. Get a mentor or coach

A mentor or coach will help you see the blind spot and clear the path. You’re not alone and these limiting beliefs don’t define you. You have the power to change. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and let go of relationships that no longer serve you.

You may follow Coryn on Instagram @corynquester and Facebook @corynquestercoaching. Tune in to her podcast, Discover What’s Possible with Coryn Quester.

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