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Episode 041: How to Market as an Introvert

Marketing can be scary if you’re an introvert. Many of my clients are introverts, and even though I’m an extrovert myself, I understand how difficult marketing can be for an introverted person. That’s why in this special episode, I talk about how to become confident in marketing the way YOU want…not the way someone else says you have to.

Here are some of the challenges that you might be facing in marketing as an introvert:

1. Being ON all the time

For introverts, being constantly visible online and talking to a lot of people can be very challenging. It can be super draining and can suck out a lot of energy.

2. Act of talking to people

Even if it’s through email or online, simply having conversations with other people can be scary for introverts. They may feel uncomfortable talking about themselves and quite conscious about what others might think about them.

3. Being seen as an expert

Many introverts don’t see themselves as experts or leaders. You may not think you’re deserving of the role and feel better behind-the-scenes.

4. Being consistent in putting yourself out there

Introverts can be easily drained by doing a Facebook live or engaging in social media. Staying consistent can be challenging – especially if you don’t take control of your schedule and set boundaries. A lack of boundaries may lead you to shut down for a few days or even a few weeks.

Yes, these challenges are very real. But they shouldn’t stop you from marketing your business. There are many ways to reach your dream clients and you don’t have to market the way extroverts do. What’s important is that you show up consistently to your audience in a way that feels natural for you (believe me, they can sense that).

“I want to challenge you to think about how you can reframe your perspective of marketing and focus on how you can market in a way that feels easy and effortless for you.” -Michelle Vroom

Here are 5 of my best tips for how you can overcome these challenges based on real-life experience working with my clients:

1. Build in breaks and rest

As an introvert, you need to protect your natural energy. Know your energy levels throughout the day and base your marketing strategy around that. For example: client-generating activities should be done when your energy levels are high. Plan your week accordingly and don’t forget to include breaks and rest so you can recharge.

2. Embrace your superpower

Don’t fight your natural way of building relationships. Do you like doing live videos? Or writing emails? Or answering questions in Facebook groups? Embrace your natural preference of connecting with people. Focus on what you WANT to do instead of what you feel you should do. Figure out how you want to be visible on your own terms (which is what I help my clients do).

3. Embrace the power of one-on-one conversations

Think about how you can have more one-on-one conversations instead of talking to big groups at once. Take the pressure off by connecting with your potential clients over coffee or Messenger. Focus on being helpful and adding value – it will put you in a much more confident mindset!

4. Set boundaries for yourself

When planning your schedule, incorporate how you can set boundaries so you can operate effectively and creatively. Be responsible with your own boundaries because without these, you may burn out and shut down. Make sure that you also communicate your boundaries with your clients, team, audience…and even family/friends!

5. Identify your triggers

There are certain triggers that cause you to want to run and hide. For example: not taking breaks and resting or spending hours online can be triggers. Make a list of how to prevent or minimize these triggers in your life. In order to show up consistently and land clients, you have to protect yourself from any triggers that keep you from putting your best self forward.

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