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Episode 040: Turning Leads Into Instant Buyers


Eden Fried ditched her plan to go to law school and started an online business instead. Fast forward a few years, and she’s mastered the art of selling digital products online and now teaches other women how to turn their passions into products they can sell online, too. She’s the host of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast, the founder of Rebel Boss University (a membership community for product creators), and the founder and host of the Rebel Boss Summit, a twice annual virtual summit for current or aspiring digital product creators.


Website – www.edenfried.com

Instagram – @edenfried


I’m so excited that we are joined by Eden Fried, our special guest for today’s episode! Eden mastered selling digital products online and she’s now helping women turn their passion into products that they can sell online. Her life took a turn from attending law school to starting her own online business to pursue a life that has more freedom and flexibility.

In this episode, Eden and I talk about how you can make a simple product with powerful impact that could drive sales and potential clients to your business without spending too much. Introducing… TRIPWIRES!

A tripwire is a low cost digital product that is offered at a discounted price for a limited amount of time. Once someone signs up for a lead magnet or freebie, s/he is redirected to a tripwire sales page. What’s different is there’s a sense of urgency which makes it work well… but it’s also really important to be creative and to make sure that your product meets your clients’ needs.

Eden shares how tripwires can benefit you business:

1. Statistically, if someone buys something from you once, they are more likely to buy something from you again in the future. If you get them to buy even a very inexpensive product from the very beginning, they’re more likely to purchase a more expensive product in the future. This is a great marketing strategy because the best customers are repeat customers!

2. Although tripwires are inexpensive, profit from these cover a portion of your business expenses such as ads.

3. You are furthering trust with the people who buy your tripwire. Selling a product that could help your audience solve their problem develops trust… which may lead to them becoming your raving fan!

“It’s important to not look at the tripwire as the end-all be-all, but really as the beginning of your relationship with your potential clients.” -Michelle Vroom

So what makes an effective tripwire? Eden breaks it down here:

1. Simple and small but can really solve a specific problem

2. Available for a limited amount of time

3. Offered at a discounted price

4. Visually appealing sales page

5. Standout call to action buttons

The good news is you don’t have to be a techie in order to set up a tripwire. You may use what you already have in your business such as your website, for the landing page. It’s also crucial that you use sophisticated timer that really expires at the end of a deadline (such as Deadline Funnel). Lastly, be sure to use a very reliable payment processor such as Thrive Cart.

It’s also good to take time to truly evaluate whether your tripwire is working. You should have at least 200 signed up to your lead magnet before making any decisions about updates, etc.

“You can set it up right now! It’s actually not complicated to do… Once you understand the framework and you have those ingredients for success, you’ll be able to get it up and running and you’ll be able to convert those leads to customers really, really quickly.” -Eden Fried

You can find Eden on Instagram @edenfried and her website www.edenfried.com where you can download a free guide on how to setup a tripwire. You may also tune in to her podcast, The Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast.

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