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Episode 039: The Power of Rest in Marketing

Rest is so underrated, especially in business. Not many people talk about it. Most of us are just hustling our way to success, and it is really exhausting.

On this episode of the podcast, I talk about why rest is so important in your marketing strategy. Contrary to what many believe, you don’t always have to be in hustle mode in order to reach your goals. By doing less, your results will be better!

I’ll be the first to say I’m guilty of not taking time to rest. When I reached 6-figures in my business and doubled my income from last year, the pressure level also went up. Success is addicting, and it happens at every level of business. Even if you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business for quite a while, we tend to push ourselves harder and forget about rest.

Rest allows us to recharge. As we gain more opportunities to market and reach potential clients, it gets more and more difficult to take a break. This eventually leads to burnout, and I have personally experienced this in my business. It makes us slow and dull, and we start to doubt our own abilities. This is why you need to fill up your tank to keep your wheels turning. I noticed that after taking a well-deserved rest, I feel rejuvenated and that’s when my most creative ideas come to me.

Being in the moment opens your mind to what’s more important in life. It provides a better perspective on what really matters to you and helps you see that there is more to life than business.

When you’re overwhelmed with and wrapped up in work, you become stressed out physically, mentally and emotionally! People also develop unrealistic expectations about what you’re able to accomplish. Hence, you not only feel pressure from within, but from those around you.

To help you get better at habitually taking a rest, I’m sharing 5 steps to incorporate more rest into your marketing, business and life:

1. Let go of all the junk that you’re carrying with you.

The junk could be your desire for control and approval, your lack of boundaries or your urge to always be on the go. It’s time to let them go! Start embracing rest and you’ll immediately feel lighter.

2. Build rest into your calendar.

Work doesn’t ever end. You’ll never wake up one morning with nothing on your to-do list. That’s why even rest should be scheduled or it doesn’t happen. Make sure to block off some time for rest so you will always be reminded to always take a break.

3. Turn off all tech and disconnect.

Whether we like it or not, social media conveys messages that may trigger negativity, such as we’re not good enough or we’ve got to do more. On Saturdays, I schedule a “social detox” which means that I disconnect from all social media which forces me to be present at the moment. I also set strict boundaries about how much time I spend on social media – and I recommend you do the same.

4. Set proper boundaries for yourself.

Hold yourself responsible for setting limits and keeping proper boundaries! Again, people may develop unrealistic expectations and put more pressure on you. You can’t control that. But what you CAN control is the boundaries you put on yourself. Be strict in following your own standards and be kind to yourself.

5. Ask your loved ones to keep you accountable.

I challenge you to tell more people that you need more rest. Our family and friends want to see us happy, so it’s best to ask them to keep you accountable. The first 30 days of setting a new habit are crucial since it’s when you’re most likely to go back to your old ways. Having someone remind us that we need to take a break keeps us from slipping back to hustle mode.

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