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Episode 045: How To Land Multiple Clients In One Day

How in the world is it possible to land multiple clients in one day?

It’s completely possible for each and every one of you. In this episode, I talk about how to land your DREAM CLIENTS – people who are ready and excited to work with you. And not just one client, but multiple dream clients in one day.

A week before I recorded this episode, I landed 3 clients in one day for a total of $23K in sales. I don’t say this to brag but to show you that I’m no one special and this is possible for everyone.

“There is no dream that is too big for you. All of this is completely possible. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you too!” -Michelle Vroom

Don’t worry – I’m not just going to tell you that it’s possible without sharing how I made it a reality. Here are 5 steps I took to reach this huge milestone:

1. Have a lead generation system in place

I have a system for how I find and attract clients. I bring them into my world so I can build a relationship with them. As you let people in, you’ll notice that there are certain people who show interest in working with you. I call them my VIPs. I track my VIPs and connect with them regularly so they’re primed to work with me.

In fact, two of the three clients I landed in one day were already on my tracker. That’s not a coincidence. It’s proof that you have total control over your marketing and the type of clients you land.

2. Have strong messaging

I am crystal clear about who I work with, who I support and how I help them. Know who your dream client is and be very direct with your message. People will start reaching out to you if your message is strong.

Another important part of messaging is to not be afraid to talk about your success. Don’t hide your success just because you’re scared you’ll be judged. Own your success! Your success will inspire the right people.

3. Expect that you’re going to work with your dream clients

Since I have a lead tracker in place, when someone sets up a discovery call, I already know whether they’re a good fit or not. So on the day I landed multiple clients, I woke up excited. I knew I was going to land 3 clients (and told my husband so that morning). My expectation and confidence led me to show up a different way on the discovery calls.

What would happen if you showed up to discovery calls believing you would land the client? What would you do differently?

“If you’re showing up confidently, your ideal client can’t help but feel confident in working with you.” – Michelle Vroom

4. Don’t be tied to the outcome

Expect that your dream clients are going to work with you, but don’t be tied to the outcome. They need you more than you need them. Know that there are more than enough people you can work with. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself going into a call.

Also recognize that when someone books a call with you, it’s because they believe you can help them (assuming they’re the right fit). You have to try to convince them not to work with you. Be confident that if they’ve taken the step to book the call, they’re already on the road to working with you!

5. Own your expertise

Tell your dream client how you are going to help them, and believe that you can deliver the results. You can’t guarantee results, but you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about what’s possible when someone works with you. Your confidence makes clients excited that they have finally found someone who can help solve their problem. Your ideal clients also know they can afford working with you because they are committed to solving their problem.

If you want support in attracting dream clients on repeat, then my Dream Client Accelerator program is perfect for you. This four-month group program will help you find, attract and convert dream clients faster. This program is ideal for coaches, strategists or consultants who want to grow 50K in their business so they can leave their 9-5 this year. It’s also ideal for women who have recently left their 9-5 and want to match the income they were making.

If this sounds like you, then send me an email at michelle@vroomcommunications.com. I’ve got 5 spots left for high-achieving go-getters who are ready to make massive change in 2020.

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