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Episode 047: How To Share Results Without Making Guarantees

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In today’s episode, I talk about one of the top three questions that I get from women in business – how to share results without making any promises or guarantees. Landing your dream client requires talking about what you can do for them. But first, you have to know the difference between making a promise or guarantee versus just talking about results.

Making a promise or guarantee is like saying: “If you work with me, I’ll make you a million dollars in 3 days!” When you make a promise or guarantee, you’re putting all the responsibility on yourself. 

When you share results, you’re telling your potential clients what’s possible if they work with you. The responsibility is all on them.

“If people are confused or they don’t know what’s possible if they work with you, they’re not going to work with you.” -Michelle Vroom

Now, let’s dive into the reasons WHY you’re not sharing your results:

1. You don’t know who your dream client is.

Without knowing this, you can never be specific about the results you can deliver. Having a wide variety of people working with you who are getting a variety of results will make you question your ability as an expert. On the other hand, if you’re only working with people you’re meant to work with (aka your dream clients), they’re all going to get great results so you can speak confidently about what’s possible!

2. You don’t have the right offer.

This goes hand-in-hand with No. 1. When you’re clear about who you want to serve, you’ll also get clear on what to offer. You don’t have to please everybody with your offer. Instead, focus on your expertise and key areas, and show up as an expert who is capable of your dream client’s transformation.

3. You feel like an imposter.

If you’re not serving the clients you’re meant to serve, you’re going to feel like an imposter. This also means that you’re not clear about your results and how you’re going to deliver them. Working with clients who are not a good fit will make you question your expertise because they’re not getting the results that you want. Stay in your lane and focus on your God-given talents!

4. You’re afraid of success.

Because you’re not clear about your dream client and offer, and you’re getting inconsistent results. That leads to doubts about whether you can actually deliver for your clients. As a result, you self-sabotage and don’t take on more clients because you’re scared. There’s no pressure to deliver if you don’t get clients in the first place, right?

“Serious clients want to know that serious results are possible!” – Michelle Vroom

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