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Episode 025: You Don’t Need a Big Audience to Get Clients

Today we welcome special guest Janelle Lara to the show! Janelle is a former teacher turned multi 6 figure business owner and she is known as the part time CEO. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to build a 6 figure company in 20 hours per week.

Janelle and I talk about the myth that you need a massive audience to land clients and run a successful business.

Janelle shares that when she hit 6 figures in business (in her first 12 months!) she had about 200 people on her email list and around 300 people in her Facebook group. That was so powerful because it really validated the fact that building relationships and showing up authentically online is our bread and butter as online service-based entrepreneurs.

“I actually encourage people to seek out these micro-celebrities online because that is where they are going to get so much more bang for their buck in terms of custom one-to-one support and advice.” – Janelle Lara

The most valuable lesson that Janelle has learned from everything is the importance of relationships. Every business that she has owned has been built on the fact that she wants people to feel like she’s a friend, not some aloof corporate consultant.

Janelle says the great thing about a small audience is that you can make them feel so special with only a tiny time commitment. She shares that when people join her email list and respond to her, she sends them a quick personalized Loom video. This wows her audience because they were expecting an automated response.

Janelle makes the point that building these relationships doesn’t have to be an exhausting process, even for introverts! You don’t have to have certain set of social skills or talk to people all the time. Just be a human being and have human interactions with people.

Michelle asks Janelle what she would say to someone who has a very small audience, they feel like they’re talking to a wall, and they’re discouraged. Janelle says if you feel like no one hears you then it probably means that you’re not memorable or you’re not speaking your audience’s language. She would advise that person to pause and go back and lay the foundation for their messaging:

  • Who are you?

  • What is your personality online?

  • Who is your ideal avatar?

  • What is your amazing no brainer offer?

  • Have you done market research?

Janelle highly recommends that you do not try to do this on your own or through a course. This needs to be done with a coach who can look at your business with a bird’s eye view, see the superpower you may not be able to see, and walk you through the process and help pull things out of you.

To connect with Janelle and learn more about her visit her website, https://www.janellelara.com/.

Janelle is also launching a group program called The Part Time CEO Accelerator. The purpose of the program is to set your business on track for 6 figures in 2020. Doors close on Friday, August 30. For more information, message Janelle on Facebook.

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