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Episode 024: 4 Things I Do Everyday to Get Clients

Being able to bring in a consistent income is not something that happens overnight. This is something that you need to do intentionally.

I’m all about strategy and I’m also all about sharing a behind the scenes look at my business and how I do things. So these are the actual things I’m doing to make bringing in clients consistently a reality.

“Marketing should not be overwhelming. Getting clients should not be overwhelming. If it feels overwhelming it’s probably because you’re trying to do too much.” – Michelle Vroom

 I want to challenge you to do fewer things, but make them super impactful. Look at your to do list and ask yourself:

  • Is this going to land me a client?

  • Is this actually going to bring money into my business?

If not, then you shouldn’t be doing that stuff.

Here are the 4 categories of things I do everyday to bring in clients:

  1. Connect with people

I connect with the right people. And this connection usually doesn’t happen in my own world, I have to go connect with people outside of my world. You can’t just sit and wait for people to come to you. You have to go find them.

This looks different for everyone. For me this means hanging out in other Facebook groups because that is where my audience is.

2. Cultivate

What I mean here is cultivating content. I put out content that positions myself as an expert and challenges my audience to think differently about marketing and their situation. I provide content that offers resources, support, guidance that a lot of people are lacking.

“If you’re putting out content that lays out the “how to” of what they should do, then you’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot because there’s no reason for them to work with you.” – Michelle Vroom

You want to cultivate content that shifts your audience’s thoughts and perspective instead of giving them the “how to.” If you give them the “how to” they will get a false sense of confidence and they will believe that it’s possible to go out and do things on their own without working with you.

You also want to cultivate unique, fresh content that truly showcases who you are and what you believe. You have to put enough of yourself out there for people to understand what you’re all about to attract the right people.

3. Nurture

I nurture relationships with people who are already in my community. My main community is my Facebook group, Market Like a Boss: Female Entrepreneurs Finding Dream Clients. That is where I hang out and spend a lot of time continuing conversations with people, tagging people in things I think would be valuable for them, and simply serving my existing audience.

You have a to have a plan and a strategy for how you will continue the relationship after someone joins your community.

“If they’re going into your world, they are obviously interested in what you have to offer. So that’s where you need to have those conversations regularly.” – Michelle Vroom

4. Follow up

This is a big part of getting clients consistently and it is the part that scares a lot of people. You need to follow up with people who have been previously interested in your services.

There will be a point when you’re consistent enough with your marketing that you notice the people who engage with all of your content. Those people are your VIPs. Those are the people you want to follow up with.

So, how do I do all of these things?

I map out my weeks ahead of time. There are certain things that I do every single day and some things I do on a weekly basis.

Everyday I:

  • Spend time in other Facebook groups connecting with people. I set a timer to limit myself, otherwise it is easy to spend too long scrolling through Facebook.

  • Nurture my existing audience. Often this falls in the same bucket as checking in with my clients.

Each week I:

  • Create content at the beginning of each week. I take the time to map out content and schedule it in addition to making time to show up live in real time every day.

  • Block time once a week to follow up with my leads. I use a lead tracker and I share this with all of my clients.

I hope this was helpful for you to see the 4 categories of things I do everyday and how I work them in to land consistent clients.  If you can use this to put a schedule in place for yourself, and commit to doing it over the next 90 days, you will see so much growth and a consistency emerge!

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