Episode 023: How to Find Clients Who Can Afford You

Today I’m talking about how to attract clients who can actually afford you. It is extremely frustrating to talk to potential clients and hear them say, “I can’t afford it.” It’s frustrating, it’s discouraging, and it’s easy to feel like a failure.

So let me share some shifts you can make in your marketing to start attracting people who can actually afford you!

First, I want you to know that when people say they can’t afford something, what they really mean is they don’t see the value and it is not something they want to spend money on.

People prefer to say they can’t afford something because it feels less direct than saying you’re not a good fit for them. It is easier for them to try to not hurt your feelings.

“That’s not something you need to take personally. That just means that they are not your people.” – Michelle Vroom

Here are some very specific things you can do in your marketing to begin attracting a higher caliber of client:

  1. Target the right people with the greatest need

The first step is to go back and look at who you are targeting. Yes, you need to target the right people, but you also need to target the people with the greatest need for what you have to offer. Make sure that the people you are targeting have suffered enough to see the need for what you are offering.

While everyone in your audience could benefit from working with you, there is a certain subgroup of people who will benefit the MOST from working with you. Those are the people who will see the value and they’re going to want to pay for it.

“We invest in things that we see value in.” – Michelle Vroom

2. Make sure you have the right messaging

Are you talking about your target audience’s challenges and their goals and what they want most?

You need to really pay attention to the words they use. Make sure your messages are actually speaking your audience’s language. Remember that we can’t serve everyone, so be specific as you address current challenges. Show them how to get from where they are (Point A) to where they want to be (Point B).

3. Get your mind right

Often times we focus so much on someone saying they can’t afford something and we don’t focus on the value we are providing. We ourselves are not even convinced of the value we provide!

Ask yourself, what part of you believes you couldn’t afford your services either? Would you actually invest in your services? If you wouldn’t, how can you expect others to? If you can own your value with confidence then the right people with the greatest need will hand over their credit card!

I know what a struggle it is to feel like everything you do is wrong because people keep telling you they can’t afford you. But part of marketing is putting yourself out there, taking action, having conversations, and learning from the feedback that you hear. And every time you fine-tune your messaging and your approach, you get closer to finding your ideal client and attracting them to your business.

I challenge and encourage you to keep going because the right people are out there. You are uniquely skilled and talented. And you are uniquely set up to provide an amazing service for a particular group of people!

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