3 reasons your audience isn't taking action

Episode 026: 3 Reasons Your Audience Isn’t Taking Action

Let’s talk about 3 reasons why your audience may not be taking action.

It is easy to feel discouraged if your audience is not taking action. But this is just one part of marketing that people don’t like talking about. It isn’t always fun to go back and look at why things aren’t working.

There are 3 specific things that can help you identify why your audience isn’t doing what you want them to do.

1.     You don’t really want them to take action

Often people don’t want a client. They don’t want the audience to engage because there’s some type of fear there.

  • Fear of success

Sometimes we are afraid of being successful. We’re afraid because we don’t believe we can truly deliver for the client. Or maybe we have a negative view of success. We think if we’re successful we’ll be working 24/7 or forced to do things we don’t want to do.

  • Not all in on what you’re putting out there

You need to find your superpower, the skill that comes naturally to you and when you’re doing it you love it and time flies. If you don’t lean into that, there is no way you’re going to attract an engaged audience. People will sense that you’re not excited about your offer or your business.

“Your audience, and the actions that they take, are a reflection of you and how you’re showing up.” – Michelle Vroom

You shouldn’t rely on your audience to set the tone for engagement and for the relationship. You are the business owner and you are the expert. You need to set that tone from day one.

2.    Your messaging is not aligned with your audience

  • Maybe you don’t really know who your audience is or you haven’t truly committed to a particular audience

 If you’re confused about your messaging then your audience will be confused too.

  • Maybe you haven’t identified who has the greatest need for the service you’re offering.

Some people need a little more time to experience the pain of not having your service.

  • Your message needs to focus on the transformation, not the outcome

Don’t talk about the details, talk about the transformation what happens when you solve their problem. Details are overwhelming and they’re probably already overwhelmed.

3.     You’re not telling them how to take action

This is one of the easiest things you can do, but a lot of people still aren’t doing it!

People need direction. Are you giving them direction or are you expecting them to figure it out on their own? You need to clearly give them ONE action to take.

You audience can’t read your mind.

If you’re not doing this, you need to look at why you aren’t. Does it go back to fear? A lot of you feel like you can’t offer the next step of a discovery call because you’re worried it will make you seem salesy. Instead, think of this as an opportunity for them to get the solution to the problem they’ve been struggling with.

There are people in your audience who are ready to take that next step. And you are leaving money and clients on the table because you’re not telling them how.

I hope this has been helpful for you to determine why your audience isn’t taking action. I’d love to hear your takeaways! You can always email me at michelle@vroomcommuncations.com.

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