Episode 007: Stop Convincing People to Work With You

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Do you feel like you have to spend all your time convincing potential clients to work with you? If the answer is yes, then you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and it’s time to reverse this if you want to bring in steady clients.

First, this is normal. We all do this whether we like to admit it or not. We’ve all fallen into the trap of feeling like we have to pressure people to work with us. The good news is we don’t. I hope after listening to this episode you feel that pressure disappear.

“If you’ve been putting pressure on yourself then you are weighed down. And it’s time to take the weights off.” – Michelle Vroom

  • What does it look like when we feel like we have to convince people to work with us?

    • We feel like we’re begging for clients

    • We are undercharging, lowering our prices just to get the clients

    • We have the tendency to pick the wrong clients, ones that are not a good fit

  • Other signs that indicate that you are spending your time trying to convince people to work with you:

    • You’re dropping links in Facebook groups without taking the time to get to know people

    • On a discovery call you’re so emotionally invested in the outcome that if the client doesn’t sign on right away you feel completely crushed

That is not pressure that you were ever meant to take on! It is not about convincing people to work with us. I believe a lot of women feel this way because we’ve been told that in order to sell you have to push people until they’re ready to sign on. But here’s what I want you to know…you’re already selling and you don’t even realize it. If you are serving your audience in any capacity you are selling. Selling equals serving.

  • What does serving mean?

    • Answering questions in a FB group or on an online discussion forum

    • Sharing tips to work through challenges

    • Offering free resources

    • Asking questions and helping people think through the best option for them

When you help people think through their next step, you are going to remove the pressure automatically. Because suddenly it’s not about getting them to work with you, it’s about helping them get to a point where they know what the right decision is. It’s not about you coming up with the answers for them, or convincing them, or telling them that they have to work with you.

It’s about you helping them think through what is best for them, for their business, and for their life. That is all.

When you are serving and removing the pressure, when you’re focused on just simply helping your audience, people are going to book with you easily. It’s not going to take a lot of effort. It’s not going to take a lot of convincing. 

Clients want to be treated as humans. And if you can show them that you care about them more than you care about the sale, then you’re going to get the sale!

  • Questions to ask to remove the pressure so you can show up from a place of service:

  1. Why do you feel pressure to sell in the first place?

  2. Where is that pressure coming from?

  3. How can you redefine selling and remove the pressure?

You feel the pressure because you have a definition of marketing and sales that feeds into and fuels that pressure. To remove the pressure you have to redefine what marketing and sales means for you. How do you want to serve your audience? What does that look like for you?

  • Much of this comes from fear

    • You believe there aren’t enough people out there

    • You feel like you have to say and do the right things for your audience to work with you

Let’s redefine what marketing and sales looks like. It’s not about being spammy. It’s about showing up and treating people like human beings. It’s about helping them work through some really big challenges and then giving them an opportunity to continue their work with you.

 I hope this gives you the motivation you need to continue showing up for your audience and to let go of any preconceived notions and pressure and just show up as you. Because the world needs you and so do your clients.

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