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Episode 006: How to Move Past Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is when you feel trapped in the decision making process. You feel like you have to keep doing research, thinking about things, and reflecting on them. You’re stuck in the constant cycle of analysis and it keeps you from moving forward. It happens in every area of life, but here we’ll talk about it as it pertains to marketing.

Analysis paralysis is killing your marketing and your ability to get clients.

  • What does analysis paralysis in marketing look like?

    • You’re not picking an audience, not sure who to target

    • Constantly updating your website, adding things to your website without actually promoting it

    • Struggling to launch a program or service, too focused on details or logistics

    • Keep stopping and starting, changing direction instead of making progress

    • Engaging in self sabotage, not getting in front of your ideal audience

    • Not investing in support you need, stuck considering what kind of support you need

“Analysis paralysis is like running a race with a broken leg. It’s weighing you down, you’re not going to get very far. You’re dragging yourself along.” – Michelle Vroom

Before we talk about ways to move through this so it doesn’t keep derailing you, we need to talk about where it’s coming from.

Why are you stuck? What’s holding you back from making a decision?

  • Here are a few examples

    • Afraid of making a bad decision

    • Not aligned or all in on what you want

    • Don’t believe you can get results or that you’re an expert

    • Scared to get clients

Now that you’ve identified where your analysis paralysis is coming from, how do you move past it?

  • Steps to take action in spite of the fear you’re experiencing

  1. Remind yourself of what you want. Visualize it, get specific.

  2. Shift the focus back to the people you’re trying to serve.

  3. Tell yourself what happens if you don’t more forward.

  4. Make a list of all the reasons that you are the most qualified person to make this decision.

  5. Give yourself permission to move forward.

True success doesn’t come from doing everything right the first time. The most successful people fall down and get back up.

Staying stuck keeps you stuck. I hope this gives you the clarity and courage that you need to move forward.

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