Episode 008: 3 Steps to Create a Fan Base

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If you’re struggling to bring in clients consistently it’s because you don’t have your own audience.

But how do you connect with someone you don’t know and convert them into a client? Here’s how to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your marketing so that you don’t have to rely on other people for your client base.

This is a simple, 3 step system to create your own fan base – the acronym FAN.

F – Find

You have to go into other groups or communities to find your audience. This involves knowing your audience and where they spend their time. You have to go find people first. Help them and provide value.

For example, show up in other Facebook groups to answer questions and share free resources if appropriate. Communicate and offer value without selling. It takes a little more time but it gets you way more qualified leads than just running a Facebook ad or blasting a link everywhere. I focus on real people, real women who are struggling with the very thing I have a solution for.

Go to your audience. If you don’t know where they spend their time, ask them. Selling, in the right sense, is really all about showing up and serving your audience. This was discussed in Episode 7, Stop Convincing People to Work With You. Selling is simply serving.

A – Attract

Once you find someone and start a conversation, you can’t keep the conversation going forever in a group, platform, or organization that you don’t run. You need to give them an opportunity to come into your world. The only way to really do that is for you to form your own community. This could be your email list, your blog on your website, a YouTube channel, a Podcast, or something else. This community can look how you want it to look.

The point is to create a community that people can come back to for an opportunity to continue the conversation that was started on another platform. It’s very difficult to get steady clients without having some form of a community. People are looking at different options online and they need to be confident and believe that you know how to get them results. And the best way to solidify that belief is to show up in your community and provide value.

For me, the main way that I show up and get clients is through my Facebook group, Market Like a Boss. I provide a ton of marketing resources, Facebook Lives, and information to help women grow their audience and get clients.

What kind of community is important for you? What ties in and aligns with your mission and your values? That’s what you want to create.

“Think about what kind of a community you want to cultivate and what would be the incentive for people to get in there.” – Michelle Vroom

So how are you going to get people into your community? What outcome would they get from being a part of your community that they can’t get anywhere else? That’s the question you want to answer if you want to be successful in attracting people to your community.

N – Nurture

You need to nurture your audience once they are in your community. You can’t just get people in and then do nothing. You want to capitalize on their interest and continue to build a relationship.

Give them great content! Help them think through things, put them in touch with other amazing people in your community, and show them how you do things.

Most people join your community and they’re not ready to buy yet. They’re still window-shopping! You need to confirm that you are the person to help them. Consistently show up so they trust you and stay engaged.

This 3 step process will pay off for you if you put in the time and the effort.  And once you have an engaged fan base, go back to the first step to find new ones! There are more people out there who need what you offer.

There is no quick fix. Relationships take time. If you’re struggling to get clients and you don’t have a community, you need to make it a priority.

What can you put into action today to follow these steps? Let me know what you decide!

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