How to overcome imposter syndrome

Who struggles with imposter syndrome? 

I bet all of you do or have at one point. This is fairly common among high-achieving women. 

But here’s what you don’t know: imposter syndrome doesn’t have to run your life and your business. 

If you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, then it’s likely because of these two reasons: 

  1. You’re not super clear on who your audience is and what you offer.
  2. Because of the lack of clarity, you’re serving clients who are the wrong fit.

I think there’s always some point in time that we ALL experience this – myself included. I often hear talented women tell me that they feel weird charging for their services because they’re not 100% confident they can get their clients results.

Personally, I have experienced imposter syndrome when I have reached certain business milestones. For example, last year I reached 6-figures. This was an incredibly exciting milestone, but then my brain got involved. I started to question whether I could maintain that success and do even better the next year. Fortunately, my coach helped examine all the reasons why that was a load of BS (and at the time this post is published I’ve already surpassed what I made last year).

Yes, I may be having a good year but that doesn’t mean imposter syndrome won’t creep up again. Same thing for you – which is why I wanted to share 5 steps to follow when you sense that old familiar “friend” reappearing:

Remind yourself of your value.

You have to go back to the facts. Something I’ve done proactively is create a power file. This is a folder on my desktop where I save testimonials from current/former clients, emails with personal notes from people I have helped, and anything else that proves I’m an incredible expert. I reference this power file anytime I start to doubt my value or my offers.

I also recommend talking to someone who is close to you. Think of someone who believes in you and supports your business. Could be a family member, friend, or mentor. If you’re starting to doubt yourself, ask them…”What value do you see in me?” “What are my strengths?” Sometimes we just need others to give us their unbiased, objective opinion.

Get a coach.

Hiring a coach has been the biggest game-changer for my business. If you don’t have a coach, you will always struggle when imposter syndrome hits. Having a coach holds you accountable and gives you the tough love you need to get out of your head and keep moving forward. Growing a business takes a village (just like raising children). A coach is the leader of your village and pushes you to work through your feelings so you can reach your goals. If you want the details behind why I first hired my coach (spoiler: I was a hot mess) and how my business has grown in the last three years of working with her, check out this juicy tell-all interview inside my FB group.

Set boundaries.

If there are people online causing you to doubt yourself and your value…then you, my friend, need some boundaries. It’s your responsibility to protect your business – and that means removing anything that could trigger imposter syndrome.

If there’s someone who doesn’t support your business, don’t talk to them about your business.

If there’s someone you compare yourself to online, unfollow them.  

If you need to remove Instagram or Facebook from your phone because you spend too much time on it, do it. 

Be ruthless about setting boundaries as that’s how you grow a successful business. Those 7-figure business owners you follow? They struggle with imposter syndrome and comparison too…the only difference between them and you is that they have stricter boundaries. 

PS. Want the scoop on the top 5 boundaries you need to reach a $10K month (or more)? Check out my live video where I spill all the deets on the boundaries that made me a 6-figure business owner.

Do something nice for yourself.

One of the best cures for imposter syndrome is some good ‘ol self-care. This can mean getting a manicure, reading a book, prayer/meditation, etc. Do something for yourself that allows you to release the pressure you’re feeling and hit the reset button. It’s so common for us to be consumed by what’s going on around us (especially in our world right now). When we consume media and scroll aimlessly through our newsfeed, that anxiety creeps in. We see everyone else’s highlights reel and we question whether we’re on the right track. It can be draining if you’re not careful, which is why it’s so important to make self-care a priority and schedule it into your calendar the way you would a client call.

Journal as your future self.

This might sound strange, but journaling as your future self is a great way to get out of the imposter syndrome cycle. This was recommended to me by my coach and has really helped me work through mental roadblocks in my business. When you journal as the person who’s already hit your goal, you have a whole new perspective. It completely changes your mindset. It shows you that 1) it’s possible to hit your goal and 2) which steps to take if you want to get to that goal. Try it and see how it feels! I bet you’ll find that all the stuff you’re stressing over right now (not being good enough, not confident in whether you can get results for your clients, etc.) are things that you won’t even care about once you reach your goal.

I hope these steps will help you break the pattern of self-doubt and fear that’s currently in the driver’s seat of your business. You are an incredibly talented woman. I already know that because you’re reading this post. Don’t let fear keep you from having the business and life you’ve always wanted. Commit to choosing one or two items from this list to focus on and see how they impact your overall mental health.

Yes, imposter syndrome will creep up again, but it does NOT have to derail all the progress you’re making. Keep moving forward, my friend. You’ve got a big impact to make on the world.

Want more tips to help you overcome imposter syndrome so you can accelerate your success? Check out this video inside my FB group where I share more detail about how I work through imposter syndrome every day in my business.

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