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Episode 79: How Much Should You Share Online?

On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss podcast, I’m discussing how much you should share with your audience. I’ve heard so many different sides of this argument so I just want to break down how I view it because I actually believe that there’s a lot of power in giving both the why and the how.

Let’s dive in!

Why vs. How Argument

I think that people need both the why and the how. They need the why because their perspective needs to shift in order for them to invest in help. No matter what help it is, there is a perspective shift that needs to happen where that person understands that he/she can’t do it on their own. If you think you’re putting out great content but it’s not converting, it’s usually because you haven’t quite made that shift in your ideal client’s mind. You need to be part of that perspective shift that’s why you share the ‘why’.

You should also give them the ‘how’ because if you just give them the ‘why’ you’re ignoring the fact that people also need something tangible to hang their hat on. They need some sort of guidance in terms of what that next step is and how you can be involved in their next step. 

How transparent you should be?

There has to be some level of transparency and it’s completely up to you (as you know, I’m very transparent online).

What you have to do is establish a relationship and connection with your people, and you get to decide how to do that. I think where a lot of people go wrong is they try to do things differently online than they would do in person. 

I want you to ask yourself, are you being the same person offline as online? 

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