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Episode 89: Why Some Leads Become Clients (and Others Don’t)

I’ve seen plenty of women throw out their entire marketing strategy simply because of one no.

They assume that because they heard the word no that means their messaging isn’t right, they’re showing up in the wrong places, and their entire strategy needs to be thrown out.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. When you understand why certain leads become clients (and others don’t), you’ll realize that the no has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the other person. You’ll also get a lot better at predicting who will say no and who will say yes.

Here’s why certain leads become clients:

  1. → They need the help you offer the MOST
  2. → They’ve struggled long enough with their problem
  3. → They feel a connection to you
  4. → Your offer aligns with the type of support they’re looking for
  5. → They value their time MORE than money

Why some leads don’t become clients:

  1. → They still think they can solve their problem on their own
  2. → They have more time to spend trying to solve their problem
  3. → They need a lot of help in different areas
  4. → They’re not confident you can help them
  5. → They’re not confident in themselves 

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