Episode 66: The Ultimate Guide to Reaching Your First 10K Month!

On this week’s episode of Market Like a Boss Podcast, I share my best tips on how to reach your first 10K month and be able to replicate it over and over. 

You might not think you can’t achieve this goal, but it’s POSSIBLE. Once you have hit a $10K month, you can do it again and again (and I’m living proof).

In this episode, I break down the exact steps I took to achieve my first 10K month. First, let’s talk about the money side of things…

I want to remind you that this isn’t just about making more money. It’s about what the money allows you to do. I feel like I need to say this over and over again because so many women feel guilty for wanting to make more money. Sound familiar? 

Ladies – you’re in business to make money. You can make money and continue to be the same person you are now. Money doesn’t have the power to change you. Is it ok to want more? Absolutely! Making more money means you’re able support yourself, your family, organizations, and even grow a team.

Who benefits from you not making money in your business? NOBODY. If you’re in business, you’re in business to make money. If someone judges you for wanting to make money…who cares?? Are they paying for your bills and livelihood? Probably not. Your money mindset is huge and you have to let go of the guilt you have for setting money goals.

Now that’s out of the way, here are some exact steps I have taken to make my first $10K month:

Identify your offer.

Notice all above that I said “offer” and not “offers.” When you’re marketing multiple offers on a weekly basis none of them will have the outcome you wanted. I recommend focusing on your highest package. I recommend this because you’ll need a smaller amount of people to make your money goals, which makes your money goals feel more realistic (increasing the likelihood you’ll reach them).

Speak to the right people.

I want you to keep in mind who your dream client is and how will you speak to them. Clarify WHO your offer is for and create your message to target the person who would benefit most from your offer. 

Serve your audience and build relationships.

Relationships are the bread and butter for your marketing. Are you serving your clients? Are you engaging with people’s questions/concerns? Are you going live in your group and providing value-added content? I show up every day for my people, which is why I have a Facebook group that nets me 95% of my clients. What you focus on grows. If you want clients to come to you, then you need to make the first move.

Follow up.

Follow up is key in marketing. If you’re not following up, you’re leaving clients and money on the table. Don’t forget about people who might not be ready at this moment, but will be later on. Take time to build a relationship with them. This can look like checking in periodically to see how they’re doing, offering them a free training, etc. Yes, it involves some work but when they’re ready to invest, who do you think will be first on their list?

Set boundaries.

Boundaries are huge when you’re a business owner. I highly recommend staying focused on your offer while creating boundaries that will help you not get distracted by shiny objects. For example: set a timer so you don’t get lost scrolling your newsfeed or unfollow people who trigger comparison. Stay in your lane, focus on your journey and it will be much easier to reach that $10K month.

Fear of being successful?

You have to believe that you are capable of serving your dream clients. Even if you’re only 98% confident and 2% fearful, your audience can sense that. Confidence in yourself and your offers is KEY. Don’t be afraid of success – instead, focus on what that success will allow you do to in your business and life.


As you guys know, I’m a coach who also has a coach. Having a coach completely changed my mindset and turned me into a 6-figure business owner. My coach challenged me and believed in me…that’s what we all need. We can’t hold ourselves accountable because we are great at getting in our own way. 


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