Episode 192: Becoming the Provider After Divorce with Jessie Ford

Episode 192: Becoming the Provider After Divorce with Jessie Ford

The number 1 on our most listened episodes of 2022 is all about becoming a provider after going through an unexpected situation in life or business.

In this episode, I’m joined by my past client, Jessie Ford, who made the difficult decision to end her marriage during our time working together.

Jessie shares how she dealt with uncertainty in life and how her business supported her through the hardest decision she’s ever had to face. As her coach who supported her through it, I can honestly say that Jessie is the true definition of a provider (even if it’s not in the way she expected).

This episode is ideal if you’ve ever gone through an unexpected situation in life or business and questioned whether you could get through it. It’s raw, honest and transparent…and I can’t wait for you to listen.

About Jessie:

Jessie is the the owner + designer behind Untethered, a boutique + bespoke branding and design studio for female founders ready to elevate their business with a professional visual brand and website in a matter of days, so that they can attract their ideal clients and book out their services faster.

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