Episode 173 - Social Graphic

Episode 173: Client Progress vs. Results with Ann Keaney

In this week’s episode I’m joined by special guest Ann Keaney to talk about client results and how you can measure progress vs. just focusing on the end results that your clients get in your program.

We chatted about:

  • Trends in client delivery and client success
  • Concept of progress vs. result
  • What client codependency is and how to empower your clients to be independent thinkers and action takers

About Ann:

Coming up from extreme poverty and foster care abuse, Ann found herself a single Mom, living in government housing collecting $363 per month in Food Stamps, to a self-made multiple 6-figure entrepreneur showing women around the world, how to harness their skills and turn their circumstances into opportunity, leveraging the power of social media and human connection.

Leaning on her uncommon ability to create powerful relationships, Ann has spent the last 2 decades scaling her coaching business and working behind the scenes in some of the top leading multi-million dollar coaching companies online, on how to scale their high ticket programs and monetize on social media, by leveraging the power of relationship building and human behavior sales techniques.

Ann is often known as the Straight-Shooting Sales Ninja who ‘tells it like it is”, helping high achieving, result-driven coaches, and CEOs revolutionize record-breaking financial results, with cutting edge sales strategies, and human connection that simplify the scale and curve conversion time.

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