Episode 169 - Social Graphic

Episode 169: The Truth About the Algorithm

Almost every week I’m tagged in a conversation from someone asking my thoughts about FB groups.

I get it – after all, groups are my jam and I’ve made a lot of money from mine.

But here’s what I’m REALLY noticing about those conversations.

A lot of people use those threads as a way to complain about the algorithm. Or that they’re not getting the reach they want. They talk about shutting down their group and moving elsewhere.

There is so much emphasis and pressure placed on a particular social platform. This is a trend I’m seeing across the board – and not just on FB btw. Right now the hot convo on IG is that you can’t be seen and the entire platform is dead unless you use reels.


When did we decide that a social media platform holds all the power for our business? When did we place all our hope and trust in the algorithm?

You can grow a business on ANY platform. You can get clients on ANY platform. No matter what the algorithm is doing. The people who tell you differently are the people who gave their power away long ago and are running frantically from platform to platform trying to grab at straws and get clients.

I don’t know about you, but frantic doesn’t work for me.

Complicated doesn’t either. And that’s exactly what those people are doing – they’re making their marketing more complicated because they believe success and results lie in a platform vs. themselves.

The real question we should be asking is: how can I trust myself to see results and get clients on any platform?

What if I believe I’m capable of success no matter where I hang out on social?

How much more relaxed would we be?

How much more fun would we have in our marketing?

How much simpler would things be?

This is the conversation we should be having. Far more productive than sitting around complaining about the algorithm or acting like the secret for success can be cracked by choosing the “right” platform.

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