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Episode 168: The Power of Rest with Rachel Olstad

I’m so excited to be joined by my past client, Rachel Olstad to talk about simplifying and getting more rest.

We chatted about: 

  • Why many moms in business don’t have simplicity
  • The addiction that many people have to being busy
  • Tips for how you can start to shift things if you’re somebody who struggle to find simplicity

About Rachel:

Rachel Olstad is a mom of 3, speaker, author & Life Coach who specializes in helping high achieving women, moms & entrepreneurs remove mental, emotional & physical clutter, rewire their subconscious for success and create organized, peaceful & simplified homes, businesses & lives. She believes that less really is more and her passion is helping women everywhere to live more intentionally & create more time, energy & space for the things that matter most to them.

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