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Episode 162: Leaning Into Hard Seasons with Doreen Korba

In this week’s episode, I chat with my former client Doreen about embracing hard seasons both in business and life.

We chatted about: 

  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Challenges Doreen has faced in her journey (including the loss of her daughter)
  • How her perspective of being the provider changed from when she was in corporate to now
  • What keeps women from being the provider/ being in control of making money

About Doreen

Doreen is a life coach for female entrepreneurs, helping them take their business and life to the next level using advanced mindset and nervous system techniques. She is also a wife and mom of 4 who talks openly about the loss of her stillborn daughter Harper.

Want more from Doreen?

Check out her podcast Millionaire Mamas in the Making or learn more at www.coachkorba.com

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