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Episode 159: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Julie Lamb

I’m joined by a special guest on today’s episode – Julie Lamb. Julie is a licensed therapist and life coach that helps individuals break through their own internal glass ceilings that stop them from reaching the next level in their business and career.

Her business has allowed her to not only show her daughters what is possible, but also allowed her to “retire” her husband from corporate America even during the pandemic. Her goal is to show others that the goals they want to achieve are possible and even able to exceed their own expectations.

Julie and I talked about building a business your way and working through imposter syndrome. No matter where you’re at in your business, I guarantee you’ll have more trust in yourself after listening to this interview.

We discussed:

  • Finding the solution inside of yourself vs looking for it in others
  • Challenges Julie has faced along the way
  • Guilt that all moms feel for building a business

Connect with Julie on Facebook and Instagram. Download Julie’s workbook on ways to eliminate imposter syndrome.

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