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Episode 150: Q&A About 10K Months

$10K months aren’t really about the money. A $10K month represents freedom. Freedom to make a lot of money doing what you love. That’s why it’s such a massive milestone for so many women. It’s also why I’m passionate about helping women get to a $10K month using their Facebook group (in fact, I’ve got a big scary goal of helping 100 women do that this year).

Here’s the thing, though. $10K months are nice and all, but how do you ACTUALLY get there? This is the question that so many women have and I decided to break it down for you in this week’s episode. I had some of the lovely ladies in the Market Like a Boss group submit their questions about $10K months and now I’m answering them live.

Here are the questions I answered:

  • What is the biggest difference between consistent 5K months and consistent 10K months? How do you manage that day to day?
  • Do I have to spend countless hours on social media to attract my ideal client?
  • How to get to 10K months from zero?
  • At what point did you hire help in your journey? What did that look like for you?

In this episode you’ll uncover what is necessary to reaching a $10K month…and what you can leave behind. It’s going to feel SO simple when you hear the path to getting there – and I hope you’ll channel that simplicity into reaching your own $10K month this year.

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