from a single post?


When you have a community filled with people who can’t wait to work with you, you’re just a post away from consistent clients and revenue.

Does this sound like you?

You're booking clients, but nothing consistent. You're ready to stop working with 'whoever comes your way' and be so in-demand that you only work with the best clients.

You want your business to generate steady cash flow you can count on.

You're scared to get clients because deep down you don't think you're good enough.

Your self-worth is attached to your business and each day you don't bring in clients you feel more deflated.

You're not taking daily action to market your business which means you always feel like you're playing catch-up.

Landing a client feels like a lucky fluke

It’s tricky to grow a consistently profitable business without knowing how to get clients.

Your current clients adore your work, you just need more of them and you’ll be set!

As a service provider who supports other businesses (like a social media manager, coach, website designer, copywriter, that kinda thing) you know there’s tons of people out there who need your help.

But how do you find them?

Build a relationship in a genuine way?

And most importantly - get them booking and paying you?

Good news:

there are thousands of businesses who are hungry for your exact expertise

Feels pretty great to realize that, doesn’t it?

Coming up you’ll see the 4 steps to building an in demand service-based business so you can:

Put your life goals first

Do work that ‘fills your cup’

Confidently know how much you’ll bring in each month

…all without ever feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or salesy.

Because beyond doing work you love,

You've Got #Goals

You want freedom and flexibility that comes with being the boss:

Spending time with those who matter most, whenever you please...

Packing up the laptop and hitting the road to travel - treating your family to that dream Disney vaycay, and also luxurious spouse-only getaways...

Buying your dream home, and having a weekly housekeeper to keep it sparkling clean...

Supporting causes you believe in, and having time and resources to make a difference.

I'm just going to say it:

You want a successful business yesterday

Clients rave about your amazing results.

You’re motivated and beyond ready to be fully booked (and with a waitlist to boot!)

All you need now is a repeatable process for getting clients.


That’s exactly what you get in

The Dream Client Accelerator

A proven roadmap for building an online community that brings you consistent clients

In this 6-month program you’ll grow your own community, so you can bring in consistent clients and lay the foundation for a 6-figure business.

No more chasing down potential clients or relying on referrals because now your dream clients are right in front of you.

How good will it feel to know you can ‘turn on the tap’ and land a new client, anytime you please?

You’ll finally create a business and revenue you can rely on, so you can reach your business and life goals


building a six-figure business doing what you love


The clients you’re excited to work with? Yes, you can choose to work exclusively with them.

The work that lights you up and clients gush about? Yes, you can go ‘all in’ on this (and forget trying to be ‘everything to everyone’).

The beautiful life goals on your vision board? Yes, you can have the time, money, and freedom to spend with those that matter most.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the 4 steps to get you there…




Step 1


Create your own online community so you’re in control of how and when you land clients

Step 2


Develop a free challenge or training to quickly grow your community to 100+ dream clients

Step 3


When you do it The Boss way, it doesn’t even feel like selling. Learn how to land 1-2 clients!

Step 4


Get the framework 6 and 7-figure businesses use to get new clients from their community - on repeat

With the Blueprint you take control of your business like a boss.  

You know building something this profitable and sustainable takes time, and it’s oh-so-worth it.

Maybe you even built a business before, and you’re pivoting towards something that gives you more freedom and flexibility.

You’re ready to feel confident and at ease, no more stressing over ‘where’s my next client going to come from?’

After working with hundreds of smart entrepreneurs like you, I know there’s

5 things you need to grow a
profitable service-based business

And you get them all in the Accelerator!

Get the proven step-by-step “Like A Boss Blueprint” and confidently grow your business to 6-figures

Surround yourself with other women who are on the same path.  No more walking the lonely biz road alone! Support is just a post away when you’re connected with other driven entrepreneurs who ‘get it’

Get weekly personalized coaching and feedback from our team of 6-figure coaches in the key areas that move your business forward

The Boss Vault is packed to the brim with ready-to-use training anytime you need a resource (more on this in a sec)

Start every week with a crystal clear plan and know exactly what to focus on. You’ve been in biz long enough to know that following through and ‘getting things done’ moves the needle, and weekly accountability practice keeps you focused and on track with your goals.

“The accountability and consistency has been key for me. 

It's so easy to get wrapped up in life and take a few days off here, a week there. When I know I have to check in and have coaching calls coming up, it brings me back to my business!”

Aminta Demadura

Here, take a sneak peek at the


Get all the resources to grow your business on demand.

The Vault is ready and waiting, filled to the brim with grab-and-go resources you can use straight away:

Step-by-step videos

Cheat sheets


Create Your Community

  • Start your community the right way from the get-go 
  • Attract a community of future clients (so they’re right in front of you!)
  • The secret to a highly-engaged community EVERYONE wants to hang out in
  • How to lovingly filter people who aren’t client-material away from your community
  • Easily fill your community with dream clients

Sell To Your Community

  • Offer sales calls in a natural and easy way (no more seeming desperate, needy or graspy)
  • [CHEAT SHEET] How to book more sales calls
  • Skip the sales page and go straight to a call (get to the sale faster!)
  • See how to host discovery calls that are enjoyable for both you and your client

Grow Your Community

  • The unusual way to attract the right leads to your community (that most people get wrong)
  • Create a ‘heck yes I’m in!’ reason to join your community
  • Run a fun challenge in your community that showcases your brilliance
  • Promote your challenge and fill your community like THAT *snaps fingers*
  • Have people lining up to work with you

Create a 6-Figure Framework

  • Turn your audience into a 6-figure community
  • [CHEAT SHEET] Content ideas that convert - plug these into your community!
  • How to nurture your audience so you’ve always got people reaching out to work with you
  • How to easily follow up with leads so they look forward to hearing from you!

“The Vault is absolutely filled with training and resources."

All this (and more) is ready and waiting for you inside The Accelerator!

And the moment you join, you’ll get the plan to 

Book your next client in 30 days

This isn’t some ‘go through all the modules before you take action’ kinda program.

The Accelerator sets you up for success from Day One. 

You’ll kick off with the 30 Day Dream Client Bootcamp. These simple, do-able steps can have you booking a dream client within the month. 

A glimpse at how you’ll create serious momentum in your biz with the Bootcamp:

Watch the video which shows how to book your next client in 1 month

Follow the calendar and take clear practical action steps (in less than 1 hour a day!)

Discover the 20 places to find your next client

[CHEAT SHEET] How to find clients in Facebook groups (without breaking promo rules)

Ready to book your next dream client?

Plus, you get well-rounded guidance with

A team of 6 coaches to support you for the price of 1!


You know there’s a LOT that goes into building a successful business.

Marketing. Mindset. Copywriting. Sales. You get the picture!

You’ll be amazed at how fast and easily you’ll move forward when supported in the key areas you need to grow - and how you’ll take action with confidence from knowing you’re on the right track.

That’s why the Accelerator is built to help you in the areas you need support the most, with weekly coaching calls and personalized strategic advice.

“The ability to ask the coaching team questions about copy, sales, marketing, and mindset is huge.”

Your Coach: Michelle Vroom

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 9.45.49 PM

Michelle has made half a million dollars from her Facebook group...and counting.

When she says she knows how to grow an audience that makes you 6-figures, she means it. Growing her own group was a total game-changer for her business. 

It gave her the freedom and security she had been searching for when she left her 9-5 nearly five years ago. Since starting her business she’s doubled her revenue every year.

She did it all while being a mom of 3 young boys - and takes every Friday off. (Want to do the same? You’ll see how by following the Like A Boss Blueprint!)

With a 15-year background in marketing & public relations, Michelle has the skills and knowledge to help other talented rockstars get to 6-figures in their business. That starts with her proven framework for growing an engaged Facebook group that makes you a 6-figure business owner.

Michelle's no-nonsense, tough love approach helps her clients get results fast. If you want a kick in the pants to get moving (and the accountability to go with it), then Michelle is the perfect coach for you.

Mindset Coach: Veronica Hoddenbagh


Veronica Hoddenbagh is an Online Business Coach and is passionate about helping women identify and get past their mindset blocks so that they can move forward and faithfully build the businesses they've been called to.

With her diverse background in owning and operating a successful online marketing agency, selling 6 figure contracts in her sales career and having professional training as a counsellor, Veronica loves combining her unique experiences to help her clients get unstuck so that they can take strategic action in their businesses!

She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband (and high school sweetheart) and her three kids (4 years and under)!


Copy Coach: Katie Momo


Katie is a copy coach and sales strategist responsible for her clients selling over 12 million dollars in online product (and counting!) - without being 'salesy'.

You may have already bought something from 'Katie' already, since she moonlights as 'big names' of some of the biggest web celebs. Now she loves coaching clients on how to find their voice and sell with authenticity.


Sales Coach: Michelle Terpstra


After spending a decade working for 3 Fortune 500’s as a Sales Leader (yep! nearly 25,000 sales conversations and 2,100 sales presentations!), Michelle went on to open and run a Toastmasters Club that helped high-achieving professionals master their messaging to gain new clients with ease.

Working with Michelle means falling in love with selling, enjoying visibility and building a tribe client culture in your business.

When Michelle's not working, you can find her enjoying the ocean in Newport Beach with her husband and kids, enjoying Italian wine with her large family, riding her Peloton or shopping.


Productivity Coach: Kerystyn Williams


Kerystyn Williams is a Systems Strategist who loves getting lost in the details. She’s a planner and a problem-solver who gets great satisfaction out of making things “click.”

Her experience as a tech consultant paired with her experience as a hiring consultant gave her the skills she needed to grow her business to five-figure months within the first year—all while working less than 20 hours per week.

Now she helps other women get the RIGHT systems in place so they can grow their business in a way that makes them excited and eager to show up, instead of stressed out, overwhelmed, and defeated.


Community Success Coach: Lauren Brown


Lauren Brown is our Community Success Coach and she's passionate about helping women reach 6-figures inside of the Dream Client Accelerator!

Lauren's diverse background in marketing and love of building relationships makes her the perfect fit for this role. She lives in Tennessee with her two fur babies, loves spending time with her nephew Xander, and runs a ballet program at a local dance studio in the evenings.


“This was the best decision I've made for my business.”

Fully booked out (and 11K in the bank!)

"Before joining the Dream Client Accelerator, I was solely relying on referrals and word-of-mouth for my business but it wasn't taking off. Now I've already made $11K for the quarter and am booked out in my business for the first time ever. I'm also on track to leave my full-time job next summer. Investing in the Accelerator is by far the best thing I've done for myself in a really long time." 

Sarah Coffield (website designer)

She’s hearing ‘yes!’ on discovery calls

"Most of my clients have been from referrals. I never got a client from a discovery call until I joined the Accelerator. Thanks to the program, I feel a lot more confident talking to people about my business, which has made a huge difference. I think this was the best decision I've made for my business to date."

Lindsey White (social media manager)

Biggest month ever!

"The DCA has changed my life. I just had my biggest month last month at $7K. I did not think I could ever do that. I also left my 9-5 and went full-time in my business. I100% wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for Michelle and her program."

Aly Robins (website designer)

We’re ready to celebrate your success in our Facebook group!


You're an online expert who wants to grow a community of your own so you can get consistent clients

You've landed a few clients here and there (mostly from referrals), but want consistency

You're a high-achieving go-getter who wanted results yesterday. You're 1000% committed and extremely motivated

You're ready to learn and don't need your hand held. Success is NOT optional for you

You’re done with feeling scared, stuck, and worrying you’re ‘not good enough’

You’re ready to step up and take daily actions that get results

You want the support and accountability that comes with being part of a community of smart women just like you

You want a repeatable process to get clients so you don't have to be:

Referral Rachel

Living off of referrals that come your way.

But what happens when they dry up?

Maybe you’ve pivoted and those referrals don’t match what you do anymore, so they don’t turn into clients.

Hopeful Hailey

Hanging out in Facebook groups ‘providing value’ and hoping someone recognizes your brilliance.

You check your DMs 50 times a day just.in.case someone slides in looking to book you (fingers crossed!)

Strategy Sarah

Hopping from strategy to strategy, trying to find the one that ‘clicks’.

Since you don’t really know what works, you try everything - with little payoff. 

You work REALLY HARD, just to stay in the same spot.



Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that the Accelerator will help your business grow. 

If you implement what you've learned in the program and you're still not satisfied, you will receive your money back in full. Terms and conditions can be found here.

Ready to grow your 6-figure business?

It’s tricky to grow a consistently profitable business without knowing how to get clients.

Your current clients adore your work, you just need more of them and you’ll be set!

As a service provider who supports other businesses (like a social media manager, coach, website designer, copywriter, that kinda thing) you know there’s tons of people out there who need your help.

But how do you find them?

Build a relationship in a genuine way?

And most importantly - get them booking and paying you?


“This program already paid for itself twice over!”

Break through to consistent revenue, clients clamoring to work with you, and a business that gives you spaciousness to reach your life goals.

You’re ready for the support, training and accountability to grow a community of dream clients which makes it nearly effortless to fully book out your service.

"If you are struggling with consistent income and lead generation, this program is full of actionable steps to get you there."

Chrystal Pickell

Here’s what you get in the Dream Client Accelerator:

Weekly coaching calls [$5000 value] 
Live coaching in the key areas you need help most, with what's working now

Support from expert coaches [$8000 value] 
Get personalized responses that are tailored to your business from our suite of experts

Jumpstart coaching session [$1000 value] 
Get started on the right foot and make the most of your time in the Accelerator with a customized plan from our Community Success Coach

Lifetime access to training vault [$4000 value] 
Training you can come back to again and again as you grow your business - including your 30 Day Dream Client Bootcamp

Community [$2000 value] 
Access our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback, or hold brainstorm sessions with the other Dreamies. You can also pair up with an accountability partner for extra support

Let's do the math...

Join now to get over $20,000 in value - for as little as $499 a month!

Grow your business with the plan that's right for you:

One-Time Investment

Save a whopping $997 with the Pay In Full Plan!

Get started today for just

Followed by 5 additional monthly payments of $499 each