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Episode 146: How to Make January Your Best Month Ever

This is a super special episode because I’m releasing a recording of one of my favorite workshops…Best Month Ever. This is a workshop I ran in December of last year talking about how you can make January your best month ever.

The reason I’m sharing this workshop is because I want you to know that you get to decide how 2022 kicks off. You get to decide what your year looks like. I want you to kick off the year with energy and momentum because how you show up in January will dictate how the rest of your year goes.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How to reverse engineer your way to your biggest cash month
  • Exact steps you need to make January your best month ever in business (regardless of what last month looked like)
  • How to get your mind on board and remove any beliefs or doubts about your ability to have your biggest month ever

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