Episode 145 - Square

Episode 145: Lessons Learned in 2021

This is the LAST podcast episode of 2021!! In it I breakdown the lessons I’ve learned this year. In full transparency, this is the first year in my business that I have not doubled my revenue. It was a year of slowing down to move faster, and that was not easy for this self-professed type A control freak. There is so much that I learned and took action on this year that has nothing to do with the revenue I’m making in 2021 but has everything to do with the direction I’m going in 2022 and beyond.

2021 Learnings:

  • Not every year is going to build on the year prior
  • Slow growth is important
  • Importance of going all in on one thing and doing less
  • Importance of relying on others
  • Failure is essential for growth
  • To expect the unexpected
  • Prioritizing impact more than revenue
  • Going all in on what feels best for you
  • New isn’t necessarily bad
  • Messy will still get results

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