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Episode 123: Taking the Ick out of Sales with Amanda Joyce Weber

I’m joined by a special guest Amanda Joyce Weber. She is a mindset and sales coach who helps online business owners who are struggling behind the scenes to cultivate the mindset they need to land clients and make money on repeat. Amanda takes the “ick” out of selling and demystifies what it takes to make money in business so her clients can truly thrive.

In this episode Amanda talks about how to sell with sincerity, in a way that feels good and authentic to you.

We also discussed :

  • Why do people hold back when it comes to sales
  • Things that make people feel icky when it comes to sales
  • How to figure out the right way of selling
  • Shifting your thoughts and beliefs about sales

Want more from Amanda? Go check out Amanda’s podcast: One Simple Shift and follow her on Instagram.

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