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Episode 117: Engagement Doesn’t Pay the Bills

Engagement doesn’t pay the bills, folks.

Seriously. So many of you have placed engagement on a pedestal. It means way more to you than it should. Which also means you’re using it as a gauge of whether your marketing is working or not. This is problematic because not everyone engages with content the way you think they would. For every person who likes your post, there are 10 people who are reading it without ever liking it. And sometimes those lurkers turn into the best clients.

In this week’s episode I double down on the tough love and talk about the following:

→ Why we seek engagement on our posts (it’s not what you think)

→ Why engagement doesn’t matter as much as we think (and what content ACTUALLY generates clients)

→ How to let go of your people pleasing tendencies so you can make more of an impact in your content

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