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Episode 116: Why Your Strategy Isn’t Working

“I’m doing all the things and it’s not working.”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this statement (from clients and otherwise) I’d have shut down my business and moved to a secluded island in Aruba already 😉

Kidding, but seriously. I hear this phrase a lot.

Most women go straight to the external stuff when they feel like their strategy isn’t working. They start changing their offer, their messaging, their audience, where they’re showing up, the prices they’re charging, etc.

In reality, there are three things you need to look at when it comes to why your strategy isn’t working:

  • Frequency: are you talking about your offer enough? Most women aren’t. If you don’t feel like a broken record when talking about your offer, then you’re not talking about it enough.
  • Visibility: are you getting in front of enough of the right people? How many visits have been made to your landing page? Your sales page? Are you actually telling people about your offer or inviting them to chat with you about it? If not, then that’s why you’re not seeing the interest you want.
  • Thoughts: If you can be honest and say that you’re showing up with enough frequency and that your visibility is on point, then we need to look at your thoughts. Do you believe your offer is important? Do you believe people are crazy not to buy it right now? If we’re honest, our thoughts say something completely different from our actions. We may act like we want clients, but inside our thoughts are resisting it like crazy.

Creating a strategy is the easy part. Implementing that strategy is the hard part. Why? A few reasons:

1 – Because we’re worried about being salesy or pushy. We allow the judgements of people who aren’t our ideal client to dictate our marketing.

2 – We’re afraid of hearing the word no. No represents failure. We make it mean WAY more than it should. No doesn’t mean anything about you…unless you make it mean something.

3 – We’re scared we won’t be able to serve clients or handle the responsibility that comes with success. We’ve already decided the outcome of the client relationship before we’ve even landed the client.

What’s coming up for you? Which area do you need to look at to get the results you desire?

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