Episode 002: 3 Reasons I Got 5 Clients in One Month

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Today, I am sharing a pretty big milestone that I hit for January. I reached 35K in sales for one month and not only that, I landed 5 clients in one month. This has been my biggest month in business and because I’m all about transparency, I’m going to share 3 reasons why.

Now, I want you to know that sharing these reasons for me does not come easy for me. I never want people to think that I’m bragging or that I have some magic pill that they don’t. However, I think it’s really to talk about how I made this a reality because if I can do it, you can do it too! I’m not some magical unicorn that happened upon success. It is absolutely something that you can achieve and replicate. Success is repeatable and so I’m going to dive deep into 3 reasons why January was such a big month for me because these are easy things that you can do yourself.

  • I Showed Up

    • There is no right way to market yourself. You get to decide how you show up and get visible. I showed up in a way that felt right for me. So, Facebook is my biggest platform and I show up mainly through Facebook live videos. It’s not just the act of showing up, it’s what you do when you show up. I didn’t sell to people or cold messaged anyone. I simply showed up from a place of service. I truly wanted to help people figure out the next step for them.

“It’s not just the act of showing up, It’s what you do WHEN you show up.” – Michelle Vroom

  • I Took the Pressure off Myself

    • Ladies, how much pressure are you putting on yourself when it comes to marketing? We’ve got to release that pressure and this is coming from someone who is a type A 😉 Pressure puts a barrier between you and your clients. It has taken me awhile to make this shift but January was the first month that I truly felt the release. I removed the pressure and didn’t care about the outcome. Once that happened, conversations with potential clients became fun! I approached every chat as an opportunity to help women do what’s best for their business.

  • I Took Care of My Existing Clients

    • Two of the clients that I secured this month were clients who I was already working with. A lot of people don’t realize that client retention is a big part of marketing. We think that marketing is focused on reaching new people. Yes, that may be true, but marketing is also about serving your current clients well because if you can do that, they will want to level up with you!

“Focus on serving your current clients well.” – Michelle Vroom

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