Episode 000: 3 Ways to Market Like a Boss

Welcome to the Market Like a Boss Podcast! I’m so excited that you’re here! My name is Michelle Vroom, I’ve been in business for nearly 3 years and I have the privilege of helping female soloprenuers find and attract the right clients consistently.

What does it mean to market like a boss? Today, I am sharing 3 ways to market like a boss and I hope that these ways will excite you! I hope they will give you back the passion that is missing right now from your business.

  • Mindset

    • When it comes to marketing, it all starts internally! You need to look at what’s going on inside before you ever look at what’s going on externally. A lot of people make the mistake by looking externally at the tactics they’re doing. It’s really about being versus doing. This was a shift I’ve had to make in my own business and as soon as I’ve made it, I started having massive breakthroughs. In order to market like a boss, you need to have a confident mindset! You need to show up with strength and confidence because that’s what makes people trust you.

  • Find the Right Clients

    • The first step to doing this is to know who your right clients are! If you don’t know the challenges or goals that they have for their life then you are missing out on an opportunity to intimately know your clients. It’s that intimacy that is so critical to marketing. If your clients feel like you know them inside and out, they are going to want to work with you. People want to trust the person that they are working with. They also want to feel heard and understood.

  • Show Up the Way That You Want To

    • Getting visible is all about YOU! Yes, you need to show up where your audience is, but how you show up depends on you. For me, Facebook is my biggest channel. That’s where I consistently show up for my audience. I do Facebook lives and interact with them through comments and other posts. That’s how I’ve committed to showing up. If I committed to showing up through multiple different platforms, my audience wouldn’t really know me very well because there is no way that you can intentionally show up in ten different places!

“If you are not confident in yourself or what you’re offering, your potential clients won’t be confident either.” – Michelle Vroom

“Stop showing up in places that you don’t really want to show up.” – Michelle Vroom

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