Episode 63: How to Stop Questioning Your Value

On this week’s episode of Market Like a Boss Podcast, I share how to stop questioning your value.

I have seen so many amazing women question their value and whether or not they could get results for their clients. As a result, they pull back, get less visible, and essentially create the reality they don’t want (no clients).

Truth be told, if you don’t believe it’s possible to serve your clients…your clients won’t believe it either.

Don’t worry – this IS a fear you can overcome (I’m living proof).

During this episode, I’ll share some tips for you about how to work through fear of success so you can land clients like the boss you are.

Look for evidence that you’re providing value.

Our brains are logical. We need confirmation. Right now, you might be thinking you’re not providing value, but you have to tell yourself that you DO provide value. One way you can shift your mindset is creating a power file. I created a power file (labeled in caps) on my desktop so I can see it every day. In this power file, I put testimonials from former clients, emails with personal notes from people I have helped, and anything that provides motivation. I reference this power file when I’m starting to doubt my value and the services offer. This is a great reminder of why I am an expert.

Talk to someone who is close to you.

Think of someone who is close to you, believes in you, and supports your business. If you’re starting to doubt yourself, ask them…”What value do you see in me?” “What are my strengths?” Sometimes we just need honesty and specific examples to get the proof that we do have value.

Journal Exercise: List all the reasons why you hold value.

I recommend getting a piece of paper and answering this prompt, Why should your clients work with you? Write everything down that comes to mind. Don’t censor yourself. Once you made this list, take the time to truly see all value that came to mind. This will call attention to all the value you provide. Ignore the doubt that will try to creep in while reading your list.

Redefine what value is.

What does value actually mean? Are you comparing yourself to someone else? Value is who we are as a person and what we can provide. What does value mean to you? Sometimes you might just think value is based on hitting a certain amount of money you make or the number of clients you get, but that’s not your what value is. Your value is your experience, your personality and the gifts you provide to everyone around you. If you can create a new definition of your true value, that self-doubt will go away.

Set boundaries.

If there’s people online that are causing you self-doubt yourself and your value…it’s your responsibility to do whatever it takes for it to not affect your business. You don’t want anything in your life that’s going to cause triggers.

If there’s someone who doesn’t support your business, don’t talk to them about your business.

If there’s someone you compare yourself to online, unfollow them.

If you need to remove Instagram or Facebook from your phone because you spend too much time on it, do it.

Be ruthless about setting boundaries as that’s how you set up a successful business. Remove the noise to remove your self-doubt.

Look for ways to add value.

If you’re questioning your value, I suggest you look for ways to add value. Maybe you pop-in on other Facebook groups and connect with others. Maybe you’re connecting with your local chamber and networking with other business owners. I encourage you to go out and look for ways to be helpful. When you spend time helping people who appreciate you as an expert…that’s going to help you see your value.

Get out of your own head and start serving your people.

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